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What's New

  •   New address.  We moved 6 feet.  Yep, the postal service is closing down 22903 and moved our PO box six feet to a new one.  So not much changed other than our P.O. box number and zip code.  Our shipping address remains the same.
  • Register now for the Lost Person Behavior Train-the-Trainer workshop. Participants will be able to instruct the one or two day Lost Person Behavior class (or customize shorter courses). Now holding a session August 8-12th.  Updated flyer.  U
  • Added the behavior trilogy.  Order Koester's, Syrotuck's, and Hill's books on Lost Person Behavior together for a lower price.
  • Updated overall publications page.  Now easier to find and see all publications carried by dbS.
  •  New 2010 dbS Catalog.
  • One of the best Tracking books available Foundations for Awareness, Signcutting and Tracking.  We call it the FAST book.
  • Landmark book, Lost Person Behavior Just a few more of the first printing left. Second printing ships at end of May.
  • New 2009 dbS Catalog
  • New shopping cart.  More secure than ever, Added SSL.
  • New Book! Urban Search by Chris Young and John Wehbring.  The book for a search in the urban environment.
  • New Product! Search Wheel, a great way to review subject behavior for the most common scenarios.
  • SARSCENE Pre-Conference Workshop on Lost Person Behavior at SARSCENE
  •  9/30/2007 Updated new dbS Logo! Changed fonts to easy to read Verdana
  • 1/02/04 Updated copyright. Offered Sale on Sar Disk
  •  2/15/03 Changed layout of SARNews.Com to make it load faster, added some new links, added new books, added SARDISK 2003 product, and added new catalog.
  • 12/03/02 New online ordering.  Latest issue of SARNEWS.COM
  • 8/06/02 Latest issue of SARNEWS.com, now a partnership with NASAR.
  •  6/24/02 Register for one-day Alzheimer's disease search management course. Info on Course
  •  3/4/2002  Daily News Feeds on the topics of SAR, Alzheimer's, Rescue Dogs, Water 
  • rescue, missing children at www.sarnews.com New automatic system for subscribing and un-subscribing to NewsletterNew Search simulation based upon a suburban scenario.
  •  2/18/2002 Register for two-day Alzheimer's disease Search Management course.  Info on Course
  •  2/12/2002 Updated Newsletter.
  •  1/24/2002 Updated despondent data. 
  •  1/22/2002 Added newest version on Newsletter.
  • 1/12/2002 Added Alzheimer's Update Newsletters, New Wandering.info page, Alzheimer's News Feed.
  •  10/25/2001 Updated links, free stuff
  • affiliations, front page. Added November newsletter.  New FEMA USAR training manuals added to SAR Disk 2001
  • 5/31/2001 Added some new links from Great Britain. Corrected SAR Disk 2001 CD price.
  • 5/21/2001 Latest edition of Newsletter added.  More items under free stuff.
  • 5/8/2001 Released new CD (SAR Disk 2001) full of vital SAR resources.  Able to download copy of Catalog.  Added free business cards to free stuff. Updated newsletter request form. Site registered with icra.
  •  4/17/2001 A feed of search and rescue news and headline stories updated daily added to index page.  Next issue of SAR e-Newsletter published. Added Oregon, Kentucky, and Maine to list of state SAR associations. Added free stuff page.
  •  3/19/2001  New Rescue Store opens.  The ideal place to find the equipment you need to perform semi-technical and technical rescue all in one place. Added latest edition of free SAR Newsletter. Added Maryland to regional SAR groups.
  •  2/16/2001 Enjoy map problems?  Like to be right and find lost subjects.  A new feature allows to "click" and deploy a team.  100% POD life is wonderful.  Oluf needs you to rescue him.  Interactive map problem.
  • 2/12/2001 Sign up now for a free SAR newsletter.  Get news on SAR events, research, training, articles, and links.  Post or see information on the new training calendar.  We updated our privacy policy. Yea fun stuff.
  • 1/29/2001 www.SARessentials.com launched as a new service to new and old SAR members alike.  Both an educational tool and source of the SAR Ten Essentials Plus.  SAR Links added.
  •  1/17/2001 www.dbs-sar.com becomes a true domain name.  On-line forms added.  It is now possible to request a catalog.  You may also sign our new guest book. SAR stories updated.
  •  1/03/2001  Happy New Year!  New Wandering Information Sheet to aid Caregivers in collecting information that will be critical if a search ever occurs
  • 12/23/2000 More new information on Alzheimer's disease and SAR.  New sections on wandering related articles, links, SAR statistics, wandering overview, and wandering prevention.
  •   12/13/2000 Recent article in Washington Post on Wandering and Alzheimer's quotes Robert J. Koester.
  • 12/06/2000  We have gone to the dogs! we have added over 25 books related to search and rescue dogs in six different categories.
  • 12/04/2000  Updated Man-tracking books, wilderness medicine books, fatigue book catalogs.
  • 12/01/2000  Major revision of entire website.  Added a single source for SAR research findings, dozens of new books, scientific videos, new training courses, consulting services offered, and the types of cases taken as an expert witness. 

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