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Search Training Courses

All of the following courses may be contracted for at your location and convenience.  Cost will be based upon instructor's) travel/per diem and the number of students.  In order to obtain the most up-to-date price information please contact dbS Productions directly at (800) 745-1581 or by e-mail at info@dbs-sar.com

Lost Person Behavior Train-the-Trainer

This presentation covers the latest information and research regarding the lost person behavioral profiles. Particular emphasis is placed on the newer research concerning Alzheimer's, despondents, mentally retarded, psychotic, abducted children, cross-country skiers, and mountain bikers.  The participant will learn important background information, its implications for search and rescue, how to establish a prevention program, search statistics, behavioral statistics, and how to plan a search for each subject type.  The participants will have the opportunity to work several practical scenarios.  For More Details

Class Limit: None Total Time: 18-32 hours



Search and Rescue First Responder for Law Enforcement

SAR First Responder is designed specifically for law enforcement officials who are faced with the responsibility of conducting initial search operations. The role of the law enforcement official is unique in examining possible criminal behavior and conducting effective SAR operations. This course specifically address actions and procedures to be taken during the first twelve hours of a search. The course covers model preplans, legal issues, initial dispatch, investigation, search urgency, protection of the point last seen, introduction to man-tracking, initial actions, subject profiles, reflex tasking, determining a search area, SAR resources, SAR tactics, ICS overview, SAR documentation, SAR planning, and others.

Class Limit: 30 students Total Time: 16/8 hours
Lecture/Practical: 60/40
Class Material:
Field Operations Guide for Search and Rescue, MLSO Field book, First Responder Kit, Search Management Systems Participant Workbook.

Managing Land Search Operations (MLSO)

MLSO is an entry level Search and Rescue course aimed at those who have the responsibility to plan and prepare for search operations in an emergency environment. This management oriented training will allow participants to learn the basics of how to plan for, organize, and manage a search effort for missing persons. Instruction involves lecture, case histories, and table top simulations. Subjects include overview of national SAR, the role of the SAR manager, SAR resources, developing a SAR plan, planning data/searching data, first notice, planning, investigation, interviewing, search urgency, basic lost subject behavior, search probabilities, search area, search theory, and many others.

Class Limit: 30 Students Total Time: 40 hours
Class Material: Managing Search Operations, Field Operations Guide for Search and Rescue, MLSO Field Guide, First Responder Kit.

Incident Commander for Ground Search & Rescue (ICG)

ICG is an advanced management course for experienced SAR personnel. It goes beyond theoretical MLSO training and prepares the student to manage complex type II (multi-agency) searches as General Staff members or as a type III Incident Commander. Subjects include ICS, SAR operations and tactics, resource management, SAR legal documents, IC roles and responsibilities, ground aspects of aircraft searches, command staff, and plans. The course makes extensive use of map problems, practical exercises, simulations, handouts, and lectures. MLSO or equivalent, a working knowledge of ICS, and SAR experience are required prerequisites.

Class Limit: 24 students Total Time: 32 hours
Materials: Incident Commander for Ground Search and Rescue, Field Operations Guide for Search and Rescue, First Responder Kit.


Lost Alzheimer's Disease Search Management: A law enforcement guide to managing the initial response and investigation of the missing Alzheimer's disease subject.

This train-the-trainer course was developed for experienced law enforcement personnel with supervisory responsibilities who may be responsible for directing the initial response of the missing person incident involving a subject with Alzheimer's disease ore related dementia.  Search managers with responsibility for conducting Alzheimer's disease searches will also benefit.  The course covers the scope of the wandering problem, search management incident crucials, characteristics of lost Alzheimer's subjects, initial report collection and action, initial search strategy, reflex tasking of SAR resources, and several case studies.

Class Limits: 45 students  Total Time: 6 hours
Materials: Lost Alzheimer's disease Search Management

Introduction into Signcutting and Tracking for Search and Rescue

This is an entry level course into the principles of clue awareness, sign and track finding, identifying and interpreting sign and tracks, signcutting and tracking tactics, ageing, pressure releases and other knowledge critical to the Search and Rescue searcher. Lectures include overheads, workbook, slides, and hand outs. The course will be conducted in the classroom and outside, day and night, and in any weather.

The instructor for this course is its developer/coordinator/head instructor Founder of the Search and Rescue Tracking Institute, author of Field Team Signcutter, and is currently working on other tracking courses and publications.

Class Limit: 8 maximum, 4 students minimum Total Time: 50 hours

Fatigue: Sleep Management During Disasters and Sustained Operations.

This presentation is intended for any participant in public safety or work who is often forced to drive or work while fatigued. In addition, it will instruct safety officers in signs and symptoms of fatigue, criteria for making safety related decisions, and the administration of a fatigue screening test. The presentation covers basic sleep physiology, effects of sleep loss, sleep requirements, and the relationship between sleepiness and accidents. Several methods to prevent fatigue-related accidents are discussed along with methods to assist shift workers obtain better sleep.

Class Limit: No limit Total Time: 3 hours

Class Material: Fatigue: Sleep Management During Disasters and Sustained Operations

Outdoor First-Aid

Fundamentals of Outdoor First-Aid is intended for those who participate in outdoor activities, especially in remote settings. No previous first-aid training is required. The course stresses prevention, improvisation, recognition, and treatment of disorders common in an outdoor setting. Topics include scene management, patient assessments, medical reports, shock and wound management, musculo-skeletal problems, lightning strikes, heat and cold disorders, snakebites, poisonous mushrooms, etc.. Instruction involves illustrated lectures, demonstrations, and practical exercises. Upon successful completion a certificate of hours based training is awarded.

Class Limit: 30 Students Total Time: 8/16 hours
Class Material: Fundamentals of Outdoor First-aid student manual, Outdoor First-Aid

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