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* Welcome NASAR Members
* NASAR Announces Updated Web Page
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* Research in Rendezvous Search Theory
* Extensive Links Related to Homeland Security
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* Senators Earn Support for Rescue Unit Upgrades
* Good News and Fears in Ground Zero Study
* Child Abduction News and Information
* Two Die Conducting Search and Rescue Mission
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Welcome NASAR Members

The National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR) and dbS Productions
are pleased to announce a new partnership to bring you more extensive
and timely Search and Rescue related information via SARNews.Com
SARNews.Com is now an official e-newsletter of NASAR (published by dbS
Productions) distributed for free to NASAR members and other interested
subscribers. Delivered via e-mail bi-weekly, SARNEWS.Com covers recent
search and rescue stories gleaned from news sources around the world,
information and training direct from NASAR, free stuff hidden on the web,
search and rescue research, Alzheimer's information, emergency management
information, a wide variety of interesting links, and other items of
interest to the search and rescue community.  Feel free to visit our
extensive archives of past issues. NASAR will also be providing articles,
training announcements, product news, and book reviews. Please feel free
to forward SARNEWS.Com to anyone you feel might be interested. We take
your privacy seriously, therefore dbS Productions is now certified to
meet the tough European Union Safe Harbor privacy standards and of course
we will not rent, sell, or distribute your e-mail address. You can
continue to unsubscribe at any time. We look forward to serving you and
always welcome comments and suggestions.

NASAR Announces Updated Web Page

A newly revised, updated, and fast loading page awaits visitors to
NASAR's updated web page.  Check out the new image and easy access to
invaluable SAR information.


The Canadian Search and Rescue Secretariat is once again sponsoring one
of the largest SAR conferences in North America in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
This year's workshop takes place from September 11-14 during Halifax's
most beautiful time of the year. It is also the busiest time of the year
for Halifax so reserve your hotel room before July 31st and mention
SARSCENE for reduced rates before room rates triple. Pre-conference
training runs September 10-12, 2002.  Robert Koester will be offering an
eight-hour course on Alzheimer's disease search management as part of the
pre-conference and Roger McKellar will instruct a course on Emergency
Response Team Training. NASAR will be present in the exhibitor's hall. To
view a list of topics offered during the conference check out the
conference web site.

SARSCENE Conference Information:
Alzheimer's Pre-Conference Workshop: http://www.dbs-sar.com/sarscene.htm

FREE STUFF: Department of Justice Offers Free First Responder Videos

The Department of Justice Office for Domestic Preparedness operates an
information clearinghouse with a wide variety of information and
resources that includes abstracts, publications, grant information, and
videos. Three videos might be of particular interest to first responders:

Surviving the Secondary Device - the Rules Have Changed

                  Produced in partnership with the Georgia
                Emergency Management Agency, this video is
                designed to assist public safety officials in
                making informed decisions concerning the real
                potential of secondary explosive devices. These
                devices, which detonate after the initial
                explosion, target blast survivors, other
                individuals who converge on the scene, and,
                more often, responding public safety personnel.
                The possibility of secondary devices require
                that public safety officials not only look at how
                to protect the lives of our citizens, but how to
                protect the responders. This video discusses
                policies and procedures for effectively
                responding to and managing a bomb incident,
                and for better ensuring the safety of the public
                and the emergency responder.

Surviving Weapons of Mass Destruction Video

                The threat of terrorist incidents involving
                chemical or biological agents is very real. This
                training video is designed to enhance the
                survival and safety of emergency responders
                during such incidents. Although protecting the
                public is the principal mission of all public
                safety agencies, it is also important that
                emergency responders do not forget their own
                safety. This video, produced in partnership with
                the Georgia Emergency Management Agency,
                approaches safety from the individual responder
                and an agency perspective.

Weapons of Mass Destruction - the First Responder Video

                Being prepared for incidents involving weapons
                of mass destruction means knowing what to
                look for and how to react. Preparation means
                that all emergency response agencies,
                including law enforcement, fire, emergency
                medical services and others, at all levels of
                government, work together in responding to
                such events. This video, produced in
                partnership with the City of Seattle Fire
                Department, was developed to familiarize
                emergency responders with steps they can
                take to mitigate the effects of such incidents
                and to better ensure their own and the public's

You may access the clearinghouse at

Information on how to order can be found on the web page.


Latest Articles in SARSCENE

The latest on-line issue of SARSCENE (Spring/Summer Vol 12#2) has
articles of interest on an enhanced synthetic vision system, a new SAR
initiatives program merit list, rescue specialist, the Halifax regional
SAR team, book reviews, and information on the SARSCENE conference. It can
be viewed on-line as a colorful PDF file.


Latest Articles in USCG SAR Newsletter

The latest on-line issue of the US Coast Guard's SAR newsletter has
articles on the continuing function of 121.5 ELT alerts and on the SAR
Controller of the year award.


Research in Rendezvous Search Theory

A Collaborative Linkage Grant is bringing together researchers from five
countries to study Rendezvous Search Theory. Search Theory is a
well-established research area in the field of Operations
Research/Applied Mathematics. Rendezvous Search is a new branch of search
theory introduced by one of the grantees, Prof. S. Alpern (UK), in 1995.
Potential applications for rendezvous search are varied, but one is in
search-and-rescue operations, and the question of what type of
instruction to give to ships' captains, or to hikers, explorers or
children, for example, who may later become lost or separated. The
objective of this grant is to combine the various skills of the
investigators to attack new problems, and thus extend the applicability
of the theory. Tunisia, Israel, Germany, the United States and the
United Kingdom are involved in this Mediterranean Dialogue/Translantic

Extensive Links Related to Homeland Security

This site has extensive links to homeland security, natural disasters,
weapons of mass destruction, nuclear disaster, and all those others
things that could go wrong.  It provides a nice blend of government,
industry, and academic sites and papers. You can also sign up for
terrorism e-mail alerts and newsletters.


Alzheimer's Links

The "Search Beat" has put together an excellent collection of links to
Alzheimer's disease and related issues.  From wandering to information
on the disease, invaluable information can be obtained.


Replacing Moving Search and Rescue Combat Unit

The 939th Combat Search and Rescue Wing's search and rescue equipment
will be transferred to Davis-Mothan Air Force Base in Arizona.  This
unit has provided critical helicopter support to SAR teams in the Pacific
Northwest. In order to make-up for this loss 5 million in funding is
being to sought to improve the Oregon Army National Guard for helicopters
and personnel.


Good News and Fears in Ground Zero Studies

The results from a preliminary studies on World Trade Center ground zero
rescue workers finds both good news and potential problems that might
arise in the future.


Child Abduction News and Information

A child abduction that lead to a massive three-day search and rescue
effort in 1997 may finally be solved.  With another tragic abduction and
search just occurring in California search and rescue teams may be
interested in the following resources:

The Washington State Attorney General's Office Missing Children Homicide

When Your Child is Missing: A Family Survival Guide. 1998,


Two Die Conducting Search and Rescue Mission

The entire SAR community is saddened to learn of the deaths of Captain
Sonoski and Captain Mackenzie and the injuries suffered by Corporal
Pawulski and Sergeant Michaud when their Griffon helicopter crashed near
Goose Bay, Labrador in Canada.  They were returning from a search and
rescue mission when the helicopter went off radar.

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