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SARSim Suburban Case

Directions:  Read the description and then move your cursor over the map to the location you feel MC was located.  When you are in the area the cursor will change (usually to a hand depending upon your browser settings) and click on the spot to view the precise find location.  If you give up you may view the solution by clicking here

Scenario Description

MC was an 85 year old female in excellent physical health. Her Alzheimer's was first noticed 4 years ago after a traffic accident. She continued to live alone in her house in a formally rural area that experienced rapid suburban growth over the years. She often wandered to the neighbor's house looking for an aunt or cousin who had been in her house, but then had "disappeared." Her mirror needed to be removed because "the lady in the mirror would not talk or leave." She had some chairs that needed to be removed because in the dim light she thought they were people. She had no close living relatives and no arrangements were made to obtain a diagnosis of Alzheimer's or any type of treatment. When social services were contacted no referrals were made to the Alzheimer's Association or any other type of assistance. In August 2001, she wandered almost two miles along a four lane divided highway. On December 22, 2002 at 6pm a friend contacted her to check up. Later that night the friend could not reach M. The following morning the friend contacted the neighbors to check in on M since she was still unable to contact M. The neighbor knocked on the door and got no response. Therefore, he called the police and started his own search. He was able to locate M. before any formal search was started. To see a map of the find location,

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