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Rescue Gear Store

The best rescue gear for demanding teams and individuals.  We carry what works.  A selection of evacuation, technical rescue, and climbing gear for professionals.  Ideal for SAR, Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, and tactical teams.  We have partnered with SAR Camp and Backcountry.com who provides superior customer service and assistance.

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Stokes Rescue Basket

Junkin pioneered the development of the Splint Type-Stokes Basket Stretcher which led to the outstanding Series 300 Stretchers, the most efficient and practical products of their kind on the market. Made of steel, all welded rigid construction which does not rely on the injured person to attain form or rigidity. Light in weight and ample in size. The Stokes Basket is available in six models (including full and split stokes) with several  supplemental accessories to facilitate special handling needs. 
Radio Chest Harness

New adjustable top strap makes this Radio Chest Harness fit most radio sizes. Includes extra battery pouch, map pocket and pen holder. Our Radio Chest Harness comes in either a nylon mesh back for cooler wear or a solid foam back for a little padding between your chest and the radio. Radio Chest Harness are 10in X 10in and have a side opening map pocket. One inch nylon straps cross in the back for easy adjustment.
Climbing/Rescue Helmet

petzl ecrin helmet

This is a serious mountaineering helmet, suitable for aggressive activities including SAR and rescue. Extremely comfortable, the Petzel Ecrin adjusts to any head size by adjusting wheels on the side of the shell. The chinstrap position can be moved forward or back to fit different facial structures . Includes 2 headbands (thick foam or thin foam for even better adjustment of your helmet). Fitted with clips to hold a headlamp.  Making it the perfect SAR helmet even if you don't perform technical rescue.
Flashlight Headlight

Petzel duo headlamp - perfect for night searching

Its night, the subject has been found.  The dramatic carryout through brambles and rough terrain starts and your in the middle of the excitement.  There is simply no practical way to carry the stokes and hold a flashlight.  The only practical solution to night time light is a headlamp.  Petzel makes the best, in a wide variety of choices.  The Petzl headlamp even fits nicely on a Petzel helmet.  Imagine that.
Climbing Harness

OK, we all learn how to tie a rescue harness out of webbing and have hung uncomfortably to prove to our trainers we know how to use it.  NOW it is time to get serious, professional, and COMFORTABLE.  A real climbing harness is the only way to go.  Only drawback, sure makes it hard to go back to a tied webbing harness.

Several different harnesses to choose.  For only $28 a lightweight harness perfect for semi-technical work, glacier travel, or alpine travel.  For more serious climbing several padded harnesses are available.


Both semi-technical and technical rescue demand carabiners.  Locking D's are the standard for rescue applications.

Super functional belay carabiners, both versions of the Airlock2 work well with any belay hitch, Super 8 or ATC. With a large internal volume, you'll have plenty of room for bulky knots or stacks of runners at a belay. The Screwgate version weighs 75 g (2.6 oz). Several different carabiners to choose from.

Climbing Protection

Climbing Protection is one of many methods to secure anchors.  In rescue, the more anchors the better.  Of course, if you don't know what I'm talking about you better not be involved in rescue.  Just having stuff on your sling to look cool is not recommended.

The following Climbing Protection link will provide a source of camalots, stoppers, hexes, and pitons.


Super 8 Device

Once you get up the rock, you need to get down.  Super 8 devices are commonly used as a rappel device.

Made of 7075-T6 aluminum alloy, the Super 8 's flawless design makes for an incredibly strong, lightweight belay/rappel device. A super smooth ride, the Super 8 is great for handling any rope diameter. Weighs 87 g (3.1 oz).

Climbing Accessories

First of all, the Super-Slacker Rope Bag eliminates the coiling process forever. And if that weren't enough, it also protects your rope from dirt and debris and serves as a rope bucket on long climbs. Sports a zipper closure and padded shoulder straps for easy and comfortable transport to the next rescue. The ATC, the climbing world's  best belay device around: one that feeds rope smoothly and easily, one that doesn't kink the rope while rappelling, one that holds falls effectively and is both durable and lightweight. Chalk bags, well they hold chalk.

Use the nut tool to loosen stubborn nut placements, reach buried cam triggers or snag an out-of-reach piece of webbing, not designed for the people we rescue.  The Padded Gear Sling adjusts to fit any stature, big and tall or bold and small. The Hammers investment cast, eighteen-ounce stainless steel head will take lots of abuse and still come back for more. The pick is drooped for pin leverage and has a biner hole for copperhead and piton removal.Order Climbing Accessories

Leather Gloves

Functional SAR orange gloves .  If you have ever helped carry a Stokes you know the need for leather gloves.   Ironclad gloves are like no other glove on the market. These revolutionary gloves are task-specific and made with a keen eye directed towards quality, dexterity, and durability. The orange gloves are equipped with a spandex upper that takes heat and moisture away from the hand and allows the glove to fit like a second-skin. The man-made leather palm is reinforced in the excessive wear areas and is double stitched for added durability. You can wear the glove the entire day without ever having to take it off.

Traditional leather gloves  


 Gaiter's are not simply a SAR fashion statement.  They help keep out ticks, chiggers, snow, swamp juice, and all sorts of things that want to jump into your boots.  This form-fitting gaiter combines simplicity with a wide range of adjustability. Features include a sturdy Velcro-like closure system that can be easily used while wearing gloves or mittens. Two-layer Gore-Tex® uppers and Ballistics bottoms add breathability and durability. Fits a wide range of mountaineering, hiking and non-buckle tele boots. Available in S, M, L, XL. Weight: 251 g (8.9 oz) per pair.  Gaiter's
Safety Glasses

One hand carrying the stokes.  The second out for balance.  Opps, didn't see that branch coming?  Now you have a scratched cornea and can't really help anyone.  Safety glasses are highly recommended during technical evacuations

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