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Free SAR Stuff

This page provides a list of links to free services, software, and other web pages related to search and rescue.



  • Free Stuff: The Citizen's Preparedness Guidebook

    The Citizens' Preparedness Guidebook, produced by the National Crime Prevention Council with support from the Department of Justice, provides current crime and disaster preparedness techniques as well as the latest information on terrorism, to give Americans guidance on how to prepare in our homes, in our neighborhoods, at work, at the airport, in places of worship, and in public spaces.


    You can also order the Guidebook by calling a toll-free hotline at 1-800-WE-PREVENT (1-800-937-7383)


  • Free SAR related ICS map symbols Download in PDF format standard SAR specific symbols used on ICS status maps.


  • *Free FEMA Terrorism Book for First Responders

     The National Fire Academy (NFA) is pleased to announce the completion and release of the Emergency Response to Terrorism: Job Aid (ERT:JA), designed and produced through a joint partnership of FEMA/USFA/NFA and the DOJ/OJP. The document is intended to support, not replace, the training messages of the ERT NFA curriculum. It is not a training manual but a "memory jogger" for those who have completed the appropriate level of training. The Job Aid is divided into five primary sections that are tabbed and color coded for rapid access to information:  Introduction (Gray) , Operational Considerations (Yellow) , Incident-Specific Actions (White), Agency-related Issues (Blue), Glossary (Tan) .  The ERT:JA is sized to fit into a coverall or work jacket pocket, or the glove box or center console of response vehicles. Other user-friendly features are: Weather resistant, thin plastic pages, Ability to turn the pages with gloved hands, Ability to write with dry marker or to permanently inscribe contact information with indelible markers, Written in simple language and recognizable terms

    The Job Aid is available free of charge from the USFA Publications Center to response organizations ordering 5 or fewer copies. Other organizations and individuals may order one copy.


  • Free On-line USFA Terrorism Course for First Responders

    Emergency Response to Terrorism: Self-Study (Q534)

    This course is self-paced, paper-based document and is designed to provide the basic awareness training to prepare first responders to respond to incidents of terrorism safely and effectively. Students who successfully complete the exam will be eligible for a FEMA/BJA certificate of training. You are able to download all the course material and test off the web.



  • Alzheimer's Progress Report from NIA available

    The year 2000 Progress Report on Alzheimer's Disease is now available for free from the Alzheimer's Disease Educational and Referral Center.  This 60+ page color booklet reports on the latest advances in Alzheimer's.  While a little bit more technical than the booklet reported on in last month's newsletter, it is more focused on the latest research.  If you want to have all your facts straight and learn how the brain can actually grow new neurons (time to change all the textbooks again), you will want to get a copy of this report.  You may call (800) 438-4380 to obtain your free copy.  (Publication # C164))


  • COLOR BUSINESS CARDS Need colorful professional business cards for your SAR team? Tired of spending even more money on SAR? This innovative e-printing site lets you easily customize and order your own FREE, high-quality, full-color business cards. That's right, an $85 value for FREE! (well they will charge you for shipping) Why Wait? Click here for this unprecedented offer. VistaPrint.com



  • FEMA's Independent Study course on the Incident Command System (IS-195). The Incident Command System (ICS) is recognized as an effective system for managing emergencies. Several States have adopted ICS as their standard for emergency management, and others are considering adopting ICS. Most SAR teams now use ICS as the Command structure. As ICS gains wider use, there is a need to provide training for those who are not first responders (i.e., law enforcement, fire, or emergency medical services personnel) who may be called upon to function in an ICS environment. This Basic Incident Command System (ICS) Course will begin to meet that need. The course has been developed as self-instruction but can also be delivered, with the use of an instructor, in a classroom. The course includes a large number of scenarios, examples, and opportunities for students to apply what they have learned. If you enroll on-line FEMA will send you a 168 page bound textbook. You may also elect to simply download the materials yourself. At the end of the book is a written test (also can be taken on-line). Upon successful completion FEMA will send you a nice certificate (great to put in your drawer). In all, an excellent course and introduction to ICS. In order to enroll or download the course:



    Ever wonder about the value of public domain?  Instructor manuals often sell for hundreds of dollars.  However, you can obtain both the instructors' and student manuals for Incident Command System (ICS) nationally recognized training (ICS-100, 200, 300, 400, 401, 402, and 403).  The link also provides information on ICS forms (download them all), the training curriculum, training modules, and discussion forums.  The online training modules provide multi-media instruction directly from the web.  The training curriculum also includes interesting documentation on the history of ICS.  http://www.wildlandfire.net



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