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About dbS Productions

dbS Productions was originally founded in 1989 in order to produce scientific and educational videotapes.  However, search and rescue was just more fun.  The company is now the leader in research and education in behavioral profiles of lost subjects.  Numerous publication and training programs have developed to assist both law enforcement and SAR management providers.  dbS Productions is always looking for new and interesting publications related to the field of search & rescue.  Authors are encouraged to contact us early in the development of their publications.

What does dbS represent?
Officially nothing.  Our previous logo consisted of a snake and pillar, symbols of health care and education.  Now that the logo as been updated the orgin is more obscure. Unofficially it does stand for something.  Write us and guess if you like.  If you guess correctly I'll send you a copy of Wilderness and Rural Life Support Guidelines.


Take a Guess! 

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