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Suggested Reflex tasks

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Suggested Reflex Tasks


  • Highly systematic search of campgrounds required by law enforcement.
  • Send patrols to areas the subject has been previously located
  • Investigative task of canvassing neighborhood.
  • Patrol along roads. This should extend to the theoretical search area, especially in urban environments.
  • Establish containment points
  • Early use of trackers at point last seen (IPP)
  • Early use of tracking dogs at IPP, along roadways, or clues
  • Deploy air-scent dog teams into drainages and streams, starting nearest IPP.
  • Early deployment of hasty ground teams into drainages and streams nearest the IPP
  • Cut for sign along roadways.
  • Dog teams and ground sweep teams (in separate sectors) expanding from IPP. Ensure teams search heavy briars/bushes.
  •  Air scent dog teams and ground sweep teams tasked 100 yards (initially) parallel to roadways.
  • Search nearby previous home sites and the region between home sites and IPP
  • Repeat search of residence/nursing home grounds at least twice a day
  • Post flyers in appropriate locations
  • After initial task search should expand outward from IPP




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