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Alzheimer's Behavioral Profile

  • “They go until they get stuck.”
  • Appear to lack ability to turnaround.
  • Subject oriented to the past, degree of the disease sends them back in time
  • Subject usually found in a creek, or drainage and/or caught in briars/bushes (63%)
  • Leaves own residence or nursing home, possibly with last sighting on a roadway
  • Coexisting medical problems that limit mobility are common.
  • Has previous history of wandering (72%)
  • May cross or depart from roads (67%).
  • Usually (89%) found within one mile of IPP, half found within 0.5 miles.
  • Subject usually found a short distance from road (50% within 33 yards)
  • Subject may attempt to travel to former residence or favorite place.
  • Subject will not leave many verifiable clues.
  • Will not cry-out for help (1%) or respond to shouts (only 1% response rate).
  • Succumbs to the environment (hypothermia, drowning, dehydration).
Location Alzheimer's
Structure 15%
Yard (field) 18%
Drainage 18%
Woods 7%
Brush/Briar 29%
Road 7%
Other Linear -
Other 4%

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