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SARsim Suburban Case Solution Page

Sunday morning around 11am the family friend called the neigbor reporting she was beginning to worry because she had not been able to reach MC since 6pm Saturday.  The neigbor took a spare key and checked on MC and she was gone.  He immediately called the police in Loudon and Fairfax Counties (living on the jurisdictional boundary) and they had no reports of picking up an elderly lady wandering. The neighbor came back and said MC was dead on the side of the road.  When he got off the phone with the police he said he had an awful feeling and went out and walked right to where she lay.  She had walked to the end of her property just past where it connects to the next property east of her and fallen off the road into a creek bed.  The drop off is very close to the edge of the road there.  The creek was pretty dry so she fell 10 to 12 feet onto some good sized rocks.  She was wearing only her nightgown. No shoes or robe.  She even wore slippers in the house so that was very strange. 
   For research purposes, she did seem to travel in a straight line both times she left.  There is a path along the road west bound, but she had obviously fallen several times the time she went to Dranesville Rd., so she walked along the road and not the path.  One hypothesis a friend proposed for her leaping from bed and leaving....she may have had a phone call Saturday that her favorite aunt had died in Florida.  Death upset her greatly and whenever she was awakened from a sound sleep suddenly she would jump into her coat and come next doors to try to figure out what she was supposed to be doing.  Since the neighbors were not home she might have turned around and headed for the shop even though it was dark.  

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