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Lost Person Behavior - Train-The-Trainer

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Online RegistrationJuly 7-11, 2014 - Blue Ridge School, St. George, Virginia  USA

Instructor's License Agreement

After successfully completing the Lost Person Behavior Train-The-Trainer and before being given the Instructor's DVD with the PowerPoint slides, participants will be asked to abide by the End Users License Agreement.  The highlights of the agreement follows.  Potential candidates should read the contract prior to signing up for the class.



Instructor's License
Workshop Flyer
Meals & Lodging
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Course Material
Instructor's Bio
  • Instructor will be an independent contractor and not considered an employee of dbS Productions LLC.
  • Instructor will not have an exclusive territory.
  • Instructor may choose to provide the class for free, charge for expenses, or charge for expenses and instructor's fee.
  • If an instructor's fee or honorarium is charged then dbS Productions LLC will receive a 15% royalty payment.
  • If the instructor charges nothing or only covers expenses (materials, lodging, travel, meals & incidentals) then no royalty payment is required.
  • In order to use the PowerPoint slides for presentations lasting more than 1.5 hours every student must have the book Lost Person Behavior by Robert J. Koester. 
  • Instructor's may purchase the text Lost Person Behavior from dbS Productions using wholesale rates and terms. A special website has been established for orders, downloading updated material, and student exchange of information.
  • If the Instructor or student desires CEU credit, then a per student charge of $25 will apply. Instructor will receive a $2.50 per student processing fee for collecting and forwarding required information. The full two-day version of the class earns 1.4 CEU.
  • Instructor's are allowed to shorten the course by removing slides from the course without seeking permission of dbS Productions.
  • Instructor's are allowed and encouraged to develop case studies unique to their areas. No prior permission is required. However, sharing material is encouraged. Copyright of new material produced remains the Instructor's.  Instructor agrees to allow dbS Productions LLC and other approved instructors present the material at no additional cost if submitted.
  • Any new slides developed for the class must be approved by dbS Productions at least one week prior to the class.
  • dbS Productions will make available at no additional cost new material and updates developed for the course.
  • These terms are subject to change.
  • More to add.....mostly legal phrases to capture common sense. Link to the full agreement.

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