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Knots: for Climbers, Cavers, SWAT, Fire, Rescue, and Search and Rescue. with Brian Wheeler.  If you have ever tried learning knots from a book and not quite gotten it, this video is for you.  Shows practical application in a typical, high-angle rescue scenario and then moves to provide detailed close ups with pause points between each knot.  Covers; overhand, square, water, figure-eight, bowline, tied web harness, Swiss seat, bowline on a coil, figure eight loop, figure eight bend, double fisherman, prusik, butterfly, frost, and taut-line. Safety is stressed throughout the video.

ASIN: 1-879471-12-4 dbS Productions NTSC, 50 min $50

Examination and Function of the Brain: Dissection and function of the sheep's brain. The video explores the gross anatomy of the mammalian brain using a sheep's brain as an example.  Structure is related to function throughout the video.  While the video has nothing to do with search and rescue it is how dbS started as a company.  Those with a more in-depth interest in Alzheimer's disease can see many of the structures affected by the disease and how they connect to the rest of the brain.

ASIN:1-879471-09-4 dbS Productions NTSC format, 40 min  $99.95

The Living World of the Lower Invertebrates.  Have you ever wondered what you are looking at while scuba diving in tropical waters?  Avoided introductory biology labs?  Then this video tape just might help you out.  Once again, recall dbS Productions got its start making scientific educational videotapes.

ASIN:1-879471-11-6 dbS Productions NTSC, 25 min   $99.95

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