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* Twenty Million Dollar Health Study on WTC Debris Planned
* Flying Cars for Aero Urban Search and Rescue
* NASAR Seeks to Hire Western States Education Coordinator
* NASAR Response 2003
* "Alzheimer's Disease: Unraveling the Mystery" Now Available
* A Tracker's Approach to Bigfoot
* FCC Approves Ultra-Wideband Technology
* NASAR K-9 Disaster First Response Standards Available for Review
* NASAR Helps Sponsor TAG Extreme Conference
* National Cave Rescue Commission

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Twenty Million Dollar Health Study on WTC Debris Planned

As previously reported in SARNEWS.com, it appeared that more money would
be spent following up on the health effects of rescue dogs than rescuers
involved in the WTC operation.  A new $20 million dollar study will
follow as many as 200,000 people exposed to ash and dust from the
collapse of the World Trade Center to determine patterns of illness
and recovery.

The research, to be paid for by federal disaster relief money, will
track the health of residents and employees in Lower Manhattan, rescue
and recovery workers, people evacuated from their homes and passers-by
who were near the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.


Flying Cars for Aero Urban Search and Rescue

Have you been waiting for the cars that fly, which everyone was supposed
to have by 2000?  Looks like SAR might be the first to receive flying
cars if the vision of Urban Aeronautics comes true.


NASAR Seeks to Hire Western States Education Coordinator

The NASAR Education Department is undergoing realignment in an effort to
increase availability of SAR courses across the country. Routine
administrative tasks have been brought back to headquarters to allow
field staff to concentrate on expanding the education program.

Steve Foster, former Education Manager, has been reassigned as the
Eastern States Education Coordinator. In this capacity, he will be
responsible for marketing, scheduling, and conducting NASAR courses in
his assigned geographic region through an aggressive outreach campaign.
He will also serve as the liaison between instructors and headquarters,
providing advice and technical assistance to current and prospective
education contractors. Currently, the search is on for a Western States
Education Coordinator to operate as Steve's counterpart. Minimum
qualifications for the position include: SARTECH II or higher; Currently
active NASAR Instructor, Evaluator, or Coordinator; Excellent oral and
written communication skills; Marketing/sales experience; Strong desire
to expand NASAR educational programs into underserved communities.
For more information, including how to submit your resume:


NASAR Response 2003

What do Personal Location Beacons, "Surf Rescue," and the Columbia Space
Shuttle Disaster all have in common?  They are all workshop topics at
NASAR's annual conference. This year's event is shaping up to be the
biggest and best in the organization's history.  Featured presenters
will include notables such as tracking expert, Ab Taylor, and SAR dog
guru, Sandy Bryson.  Bo Derek has been invited to serve as Mistress of
Ceremonies for the opening ceremonies.  March 14, 2003 is the deadline
for "early bird" discounts on the SAR 2003 Conference in Reno, NV.  For
attendee registration, sponsorship, and exhibitor information, visit:


"Alzheimer's Disease: Unraveling the Mystery" Now Available

The National Institute on Aging's Alzheimer's Disease Education and
Referral Center is very pleased to announce the release of the newly
updated publication "Alzheimer's Disease: Unraveling the Mystery."

This 60-page book and accompanying CD-ROM offer a comprehensive overview
of the brain and Alzheimer's disease (AD) in easy-to-understand
language. Contents include: a walking tour of the brain; current
research and understanding of the causes, diagnosis and treatment of AD;
and resources for AD caregivers. The CD-ROM includes an animation video
showing the progression of AD in the brain, as well as graphics and text

Copies of the book are available without cost from the ADEAR Center, by
calling 1-800-438-4380, or by e-mailing adear@alzheimers.org. You can
preview or download the publication online at:


A Professional Tracker's Approach to Bigfoot

Ever wondered if someone who really understood tracking and animal tracks
had taken a look at some of the Bigfoot tracks?  Several pages long, full
of pictures and in-depth analysis, this website offers a scientific
approach to tracks purportedly made by Bigfoot.  In addition to good
solid tracking, the website will help the reader realize how understanding
animal tracks may also be important in human tracking.


FCC Approves Ultra-Wideband Technology

The FCC announced that it has changed some restrictions on ultra-wideband
technology. The technology has many potential uses, from wireless home
networks of computers and other appliances to collision-avoidance systems
in cars. Ground penetrating radar systems using ultra-wideband technology
can detect objects or people buried under earth or debris.

"While I hope we have no reason to ever use ultra-wideband to assist
search-and-rescue teams in a disaster, I'll be glad that we have this
tool available should the need arise," said FCC Commissioner Michael


NASAR K-9 Disaster First Response Standards Available for Peer Review

NASAR invites you to review and comment on the proposed standard for canine
disaster first responder. Click on the link below to review the standards.


NASAR Helps Sponsor TAG Extreme Conference

The Training & Gear Extreme Expo & Interactive Conference (TAG Extreme)
continues to build momentum, announcing today that the National
Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR) has signed on as an official
show sponsor.

NASAR will sponsor a training session led by Donald Cooper, NASARs
new Research and Development Manager. The session will focus on the
HelmetVuetm Thermal Imaging System, a small, lightweight center-helmet-
mounted, quick release, thermal imaging camera and the benefits and
limitations of this too-often overlooked technology. The device was
originally developed for the U.S. Army, but is so new in its present
version that session participants will have access to the device prior
to widespread distribution, said Cooper, who has experience with
thermal imagers in SAR. The conference will be held April 4-7
in Las Vegas, NV.


National Cave Rescue Commission

NASAR is a proud partner of the National Cave Rescue Commission.
For information on cave rescue training activities contact the NCRC at


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