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* SARDISK 2003 Released by dbS Productions
* NASAR Unveils First Online Exam!
* SARSAT Saves 171 Lives in 2002
* Taiwan Wants China to Help Pay for Penghu SAR Effort Costs
* Building the Mechanical Cadaver Dog
* Mapping a Flood Before It Happens
* Risk Management for Non-Profit Organizations
* Twenty Million Dollar Health Study on WTC Debris Planned
* NASAR Valentine Special
* 2003 Search & Rescue Dog of the Year Award

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dbS Productions is pleased to announce the release of SARDISK 2003. With
a newly updated look it provides hundreds of digital SAR resources in one
place. The latest release adds the USCG SAR plan addendum files, updated
missing person statistics and Alzheimer's publications, map and compass
training courses, Incident Response Pocket Guide, Interagency Incident
Business Handbook, FEMA IS-15 Special Event Planning, Digital Map
Reading Software, e911Help call dispatch trail software, Helicopter and
Safety training courses, and a new, easy to use interface. The disk may
be purchased directly from dbS, SARCamp.Com, or from the NASAR bookstore.


NASAR Unveils First Online Exam!

In an attempt to make search and rescue training more widely available
throughout the world, NASAR will release the first of its certification
exams online in mid-February 2003.  The NASAR SARTECH III exam provides
the basis for more advanced SAR certifications.  It is designed to be
taken following a student's participation in or study of NASAR's
Introduction to Search and Rescue (ISAR) course.  To order the text,
call toll-free at 888-893-7788 or visit the NASAR Bookstore online at

"We are very excited to be able to offer this new medium for
test-taking," says Susan Thrasher, NASAR Education Committee Chair.
"The online exam offers individuals the freedom to take the exam
according to their own schedules and in the comfort of their own homes.
Certificates of successful completion are automatically generated at the
end of the exam, so there's no waiting for the mail to arrive!  The cost
is only $15 per exam, so it's very affordable for the volunteers."

To register in advance for the exam, or to request information about
BULK DISCOUNTS for your team, please contact Jacki Golike, NASAR
Executive Director, at

SARSAT Saves 117 Lives In 2002

Thanks to environmental satellites with SAR tracking capability, NOAA
helped save 171 lives in the United States in 2002. The NOAA satellites,
along with Russia's Cospas satellites, are part of an international
Search and Rescue Satellite-Aided Tracking System known as Cospas-SARSAT.
Together, the system uses a constellation of satellites in geostationary
and polar orbits to detect and locate emergency beacons on vessels and
aircraft in distress and from hand-held Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs).
India and the European Space Agency also provide geostationary satellites
for the Cospas-SARSAT System.

Of the 171 rescues last year, 133 people were saved on the nation's
seas, 27 in the Alaska wilderness and 11 from downed aircraft in states
around the country. Of the 69 separate SARSAT rescue events, a variety
took place out at sea.


Taiwan Government Wants China Airlines to Help Pay for Penghu SAR Effort

Ever wondered what a bill for a search effort might look like?  The Taiwan
Ministry of Transportation has asked China Airlines to pay $6.46 million
(US$) to reimburse the cost of helicopters, frigates, and DNA analysis used
in the search and recovery of a recent airlines crash.  Many complicated
issues are brought up by requesting payment.


Building the Mechanical Cadaver Dog

This excellent detailed article describes research at the "Body Farm."
Cadavers are buried, concealed, or left out in the open to age at this
20 acre site.  Ongoing projects are working on a mechanical sniffer to
attempt to better find buried bodies and/or place a better time on the
aging process.


Mapping A Flood Before It Happens

Building on its long-standing partnerships with the Federal Emergency
Management Agency's floodplain mapping expertise and the National
Weather Service's flood-forecasting responsibilities, a new U.S.
Geological Survey (USGS) mapping method can produce flood-inundation
maps as much as three to five days ahead of a storm, giving
flood-response officials and others time to respond. The maps show
computer-generated scenarios of flooded areas and flood depths for a
specific storm. The USGS method combines high-accuracy elevation data, a
new computer flow model, and a geographic information system, to produce
maps in real-time that are then put on the Internet.

For more information, contact Joseph L. Jones, USGS, (253) 428-3600 ext.
2648; e-mail: jljones@usgs.gov;

Risk Management for Nonprofit Organizations

The Non-Profit Risk Management Center (NRMC) recently expanded its risk
evaluation systems for nonprofit organizations, the Nonprofit Computer
Assisted Risk Evaluation System (Nonprofit CARES), and has made the
system available online. CARES is designed to help nonprofits develop
risk management plans.

The site is comprehensive and rather thought-provoking if not downright
scary. After registering you will be led through lots of questions. 
Feedback is provided along the way and it is not too hard to guess what
the site will recommend in the end. The final step provides a report
with recommendations.  However, this final step will cost $89. It might
be worthwhile for those teams with significant resources.


Twenty Million Dollar Health Study on WTC Debris Planned

As previously reported in SARNEWS.com, it appeared that more money would be
spent following up on the health affects of rescue dogs than rescuers
involved in the WTC operation.  Following is a follow up report on a new
study of the health affects on humans.

NEW YORK (AP) - A new study will follow as many as 200,000 people
exposed to ash and dust from the collapse of the World Trade Center to
determine patterns of illness and recovery, a published report said.

New York City and federal health officials are finishing the details of
the $20 million project, which they say would be the largest such study
ever conducted, The New York Times reported Friday.

The registry, to be paid for by federal disaster relief money, will
track the health of residents and employees in Lower Manhattan, rescue
and recovery workers, people evacuated from their homes and passers-by
who were near the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.


NASAR Valentine Special

February 7 - 14, 2003 NASAR will be offering a complimentary Extreme SAR
T-Shirt to all who join NASAR as individual members during that week.
(new members, not renewals)  Retail value of the T-Shirt is $16.


2003 Search & Rescue Dog of the Year Award

TFH/Nylabone, the world's largest manufacturer of premium dog chews and
publisher of high-quality pet books, along with APDT (Association of Pet
Dog Trainers), today announced that entries are being accepted for the
2003 Search & Rescue Dog of the Year Award.

Candidates can be any breed or mix and should be trained and certified
in one of the following areas:

O       Trailing and/or Tracking
O       Air Scenting
O       Water Work
O       Cadaver
O       Evidence and/or Article Detection
O       Urban Search
O       Disaster

$1,000.00 donation from TFH/Nylabone goes to the winning dog's Search and
Rescue Unit. The winner will be notified by July 15, 2003.

To enter: Submit a written synopsis of your entrant's history,
triumphs, training techniques and justification of merit by June 1,
2003.  Entries should be no more than 500 words and must include the
owner's name, address and telephone number.  If you wish to be notified
that your entry was received, please include a self-addressed stamped
envelope.  Entries should be sent to:

Jackie Loeser, APDT Awards Committee Chair
13160 Skunk Creek Road
Bozeman, MT 59715
e-mail: jackie@blackdog.cc


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