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* Web-based Training Modules on Weather
* SAR Junkie List
* Residential Care for Alzheimer's Patients
* Homeland Defense Journal
* Park Law Enforcement Association Website and Newsletter
* New Mapping Product
* SAR Teams Rescue Disoriented Hikers on Mt. Forgotten
* Man Saved by Condiments
* Give Your Search & Rescue Management Training Program a Health Check Up
* Global Personnel Recovery System
* Firefighters Donate Race Pool Proceeds
* Board of Directors to Meet in January 2003
* Bonus Offer for New NASAR Members

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Web-based Training Modules on Weather

The COMET Program's web-based training materials on weather and
weather-related hazards for emergency managers are now available on
a single web-page. This page provides links to interactive, self-paced
multimedia learning modules on such topics as wildfire behavior,
hazardous weather, hurricanes, and flooding.


Other COMET modules, which are primarily designed for weather forecasters,
can be found at

SAR Junkie List

The following list of "You know you are a SAR Junkie when:" is reprinted
with permission from Michelle Pelescak who is the group moderator of:

The complete list can be found on the link below.  Also if you wish to
contribute to the list the page allows additions.

You know you are a SAR Junkie when:

You have more than 4 rolls of flagging in your car at any one time (What
color do you want?? Orange? Lime?)

You can hold an entire crew briefing in acronyms (Considering the PLS, LKP
and POD the Type 3 POA for SEC 3 will be...)

You can wear a different rescue shirt everyday of the week. (CARDA on
Monday, EDCSAR on Tuesday, NASAR on Wednesday...)

All of your Christmas wish list items are in the catalogs from SAR Camp,
Search Gear, Galls, NASAR, etc.

You think blaze orange is a great color.

You own LOTS of stuff that is BLAZE ORANGE.

To read more items or even add a few of your own please visit:


Residential Care for Alzheimer's Patients

For many caregivers, the time will come when they are no longer able to
take care of their loved one at home.  At this point the person with
Alzheimer's will have to move to a place where care is available around
the clock. The following article from the National Institutes of Health
outlines some important aspects to consider when choosing a care facility.


Homeland Defense Journal Online

Interested in Homeland Defense issues, possible grants, emergency
management? All of these are topics in the Homeland Defense Journal.
You can download PDF copies of Journal (including back issues) without


Park Law Enforcement Association Website and Newsletter

The Park Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) contains several items of
interest to Search and Rescue Providers and is worth a look.  In its winter
newsletter, the PLEA addresses the initial response to a SAR incident
and tactical tracking.

Website: http://www.parkranger.com

New Mapping Product

An innovative new product, MapCard, provides outdoor enthusiasts with
affordable access to a powerful online mapping system that allows
subscribers to customize, save, and print unlimited maps.  Map enthusiasts
can purchase a one year subscription to the map service at mapcard.com or
buy an actual 'MapCard' at a growing number of retail stores, including
WalMart, Cabellas, Sportsman's Warehouse, and more.


SAR Teams Rescue Disoriented Hikers on Mt. Forgotten

Search and rescue crews found two hikers who became disoriented
after climbing Mount Forgotten east of Granite Falls. A helicopter from
Fort Lewis airlifted the Seattle men to safety late Sunday.


Man Saved by Condiments

A man trapped for nearly a week in his
car after it plunged into a ravine survived in the freezing cold by burning
paper, melting snow for water and eating packets of fast-food sauce,
rescuers say.


Give Your Search & Rescue Management Training Program a Health Check Up

Rick Goodman, the former SAR Director of New Mexico, recently posted a
thought provoking article on the changing nature of SAR in the world.  The
paper provides a ten-question self-assessment to help determine if a team's
current training truly address the types of incidents they may be
responding to in today's environment.


Global Personnel Recovery System

Recovering U.S. Armed Forces evaders during combat operations is
traditionally a costly effort. In Vietnam, for every 1.8 U.S. Navy Combat
Search and Rescue (CSAR) recovery, one CSAR crewman was killed. For every
1.4 U.S. recoveries, one CSAR aircraft was lost. Only 9% of the downed
flight personnel targeted by Navy CSAR for rescue were successfully
recovered. U.S. Air Force CSAR efforts in North Vietnam experienced one
CSAR crewman and two CSAR aircraft lost for every 9.2 recoveries. Our most
recent experiences in Desert Storm and Bosnia reveal no significant
improvement in this capability.

In order to improve command and control and enable limited two-way
Communication, the U.S. Department of Defense developed the Global
Personnel Recovery System, which can be used for both military and civil
purposes.  The press release also discusses actual civilian rescues using
the system.  It is also interesting to note that future beacons will also
possess a limited two-way capability to enable Rescue Coordination Centers
(RCCs) to confirm emergency and verify survivor status, thereby
significantly reducing false alarms.


Firefighters Donate Race Pool Proceeds

Members of the Amenia Fire Company who participated in a NASCAR Winston
Cup race pool each week this year raised $600 for NASAR.

WQQQ's "NASCAR" Dave MacMillan accepted the donation on behalf of NASAR.
MacMillan, who does a race show on the radio station, was challenged by
the Amenia Fire Company to pick a winner in each of the Winston Cup races
in 2002. At the end of the season, MacMillan had picked only 2 of the 34
race winners.

Each time MacMillan picked incorrectly, fire company members donated part
of the pool proceeds to a charity of MacMillan's choice. He chose NASAR
in memory of the New York City police dog, Sirius, who lost his life in
the collapse of World Trade Center Tower #1.


NASAR Board of Directors to Meet in January 2003

The NASAR Board of Directors will hold its first meeting of the new year
as follows:

Saturday, January 25, 2003, 8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.
Sunday, January 26, 2003, 8:00a.m. - 12noon

The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) has graciously offered
its headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia as the meeting location. For
information on the meeting agenda, please contact Jacki Golike, Executive
Director, at NASAR Headquarters.


Bonus Offer for New NASAR Members

Join NASAR during the month of December 2002 and you will receive a FREE
2003 NASAR "Extreme SAR" Calendar containing hundreds of dollars of
discounts and special offers.

If you're already a NASAR member, THANK YOU! Calendars are available to
current members at a special clearance rate of $5.95 each (regularly $9.95).


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