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SAR Dog Vest with GPS Concept - The Most Accurate Bringsel Yet
Register Now for Alzheimer's Workshop
SAR Data Requested
NASAR Call for Presenters
NASAR Offers Tremendous Member Discount on Garmin GPS
NASAR Board of Director Results
Mounted SAR Standards Committee Seeks Input
Hazmat for Healthcare
CIP Assessment Tool Available
NWS Unveils Forecast Data System in October
Emergency Services Grants
Emergency Education Network Current Schedule

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SAR Dog Vest with GPS Concept - The Most Accurate Bringsel Yet

During our trip to New Zealand and Australia we were exposed to many
novel and important new advances.  One of the more interesting ones
involves a method that makes the refind portion of an air-scent dog's
task a lot easier and more accurate. Find Minder(R) - is an Interface
connected to a hand-held GPS housed in a jacket worn by a suitably
trained dog. The system is designed for Area Search Dogs but has other

A trained dog wearing a Find Minder searches for a subject and on
locating that subject pulls out a "Tag" and drops it to the ground.
This is similar to the Bringsel method where the dog holds a leather
stick attached to its collar as an indication to the dog handler that
it has found something. There is a "Tag" located on the dog's back for
the subject to pull out if they are capable.

When a "Tag" is pulled out a way-point is marked by Find Minder onto the
GPS unit (pictures on the website). These "Tags" will now begin to
transmit a Direction Finding signal, up to 5km ground to ground. They
also "beep" and "flash" and there are several options for receiving the
signal including ICOM IC-R10.


Register Now for Alzheimer's Workshop

Time and space still exists to register for both SARSCENE and an 8-hour
Alzheimer's workshop.  The workshop uses an interactive format with
several case studies.  Participants will have the opportunity to
share experiences and learn about the disease process, wandering
prevention, and new locating technologies.


SAR Data Requested

Is anyone out there collecting comprehensive data on missing person
searches?  As part of a recent grant, Robert Koester is collecting
missing person case files to meld into a national/international database
based upon the 15 eco-region divisions found in North America.  In
addition, it is hoped that new data will support the creation of new
behavioral groups. Data may go back for at least ten years. It should
include records of all search and rescue incidents with the following
information: the subject type or activity when lost, the location where
lost, distance found from the point last seen (or initial planning point),
or PLS and find coordinates.  You supply the data, Robert performs the
hard work of analysis.  Other criteria exist for inclusion in the study.
If you are interested, please e-mail:


NASAR 2004 Conference - Call for Presenters

Attached is NASAR's call for presenters at SAR 2004, our annual
conference, to be held June 2-5, 2004 in Lansdowne, Virginia. You are
encouraged to submit a presentation proposal by November 1, 2003.  You
may mail proposals to NASAR or email them to the address listed below.
This year NASAR will cover both registration fees and meal costs for
presenters. More info on the conference can be found on the NASAR website


NASAR Offers Tremendous Member Discount on Garmin GPS

NASAR has partnered with Garmin to bring significant discounts to the
membership.  Voting members can access Garmin's complete line of
recreational products at just 10% over cost.  Due to advertising
restrictions, NASAR is not permitted to display the discounted prices on
its website.  However, when you log on to the "NASAR Sells Garmin" store
at www.nasar.org, and place an item in your on-line "shopping cart," the
discounted price will be displayed.


2004-2006 Board of Directors Election Results

NASAR President, Mike Tuttle, announced the results of the election for
NASAR's 2004-2006 Board openings. Appreciation goes out to all the
members who voted and especially to the six candidates who participated.

The three winners, who will be seated at the January 2004 Board meeting
in Lansdowne, VA, are as follows:

Coleman Brown, III
Larry Pugh
Jim Stumpf


Mounted SAR Standards Committee Seeks Input

NASAR has a new committee developing Mounted Search And Rescue (MSAR)
standards. MSAR riders around the world are invited to join the "NASAR
MSAR Standards" Group online to provide input to the NASAR MSAR
Standards Committee. This is not a discussion forum, but is designed to
function as an online Opinion Poll through member votes. This is a great
opportunity for all those who are active in Mounted SAR to contribute to
MSAR standards developed through NASAR. You do not need to be a member
of NASAR to participate, but you need to be signed up as a Group member
to share your opinion with the committee.

Please share this invitation with others active in MSAR. MSAR personnel
can join the Group and express opinions at:


Hazmat for Healthcare

Hazmat for Healthcare is a new website with some great, free resources.
Its primary focus is on hospitals, but this enormous collection of
documents contains many items that could be very useful to anyone dealing
with emergency response issues. A nonprofit group - the Environmental
Hazards Management Institute - runs the site. The main page is:


CIP Assessment Tool Available

The U.S. Fire Administration's Critical Infrastructure Protection Center
(CIPC) offers a downloadable tool to help local officials assess their
vulnerability to all hazards, including terrorist attacks. The CIP Job
Aid will help localities determine threats and allocate available
resources such as grant funding to deter or mitigate these attacks. The
CIPC cautions that leaders in remote, sparsely populated localities
should take a hard look at supporting expenditures of time and resources
for this analysis/planning. The center will provide assistance to any
organization desiring to establish a CIP program and may be reached at
(301) 447-1325 or e-mail at usfacipc@fema.gov.

Learn more:
also, http://m1e.net/c?19326550-38qpgMqy/FmAA%40288067-HdlQqr/o26j5U

NWS Unveils Forecast Data System in October

The National Weather Service (NWS) will officially roll out its National
Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) on Oct. 1. The database offers a seamless
mosaic of NWS digital forecasts from field offices and the National
Centers for Environmental Prediction. Using Interactive Forecast
Preparation System software, meteorologists can move beyond the familiar
text and voiced forecasts to more comprehensive graphic representations.

According to Wakefield Warning Coordination Meteorologist Bill Sammler,
NDFD offers a new way of putting together forecasts with endless
possibilities for emergency managers. With wireless access, for example,
Sammler says an EM could check temperatures and dew point fields, wind
speed and direction at a hazmat incident site. The database will be made
available to all public and private sector users and will allow them to
create their own text, graphic and image products.


Emergency Services Grants

The IAEM - has published a grants matrix detailing key federal
all-hazards grant programs from the departments of Homeland Security,
Justice, Transportation, Health and Human Services, and Education.


Emergency Education Network Current Schedule

The most up-to-date listing of programs and satellite information about
the Emergency Education Network (EENET)'s current schedule is available
on this web site.


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