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*Barks are More Than Just "Hey, you!"
*E-mail List-serves for Dog Handlers
*FREE STUFF: SAR Related Files Placed on Web
*Divers Defend Role in Tragedy
*NASAR Service Award Renamed After Lois McCoy
*2002 NASAR BOD Election Notice
*NASAR Quick Survey
*Training Conferences
*Web Sites for Pilots and Planners
*NASAR Book Sale
*Simple Verbal Test May Predict Alzheimer's
*Blueberries May Help Prevent or Delay Alzheimer's disease
*Postgraduate Training Program in Emergency Management
*Job Opening: Executive Director, Partnerships for Public Warning
*Three Killed in Civil Air Patrol Crash in Tennessee

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Barks Are More Than Just "Hey, you!"

Contrary to what many Search and Rescue dog handlers may feel, animal
behaviorists generally believe barking doesn't carry specific
information, but instead serves as a simple attention device.  New
scientific research by veterinarian Sophia Yin analyzed 4,600 barks from
different breeds of dogs under three circumstances.  She ran the barks
through sound software and was able to determined each circumstance-
playing, barking at a stranger with owner in the house, and barking at
stranger when in isolation. The web site has additional information and
the chance to listen to several different barks (.wav file) and then
test your skill at determining the nature of the bark.  This non dog
handler got 5/6 correct.

E-mail List-Serves for Dog Handlers

Can't get enough e-mail?  Want to be in the middle of the most recent
news and hot topics in the world of SAR dogs.  Perhaps you want to lurk
while expert opinions are thrown back and forth.  Then signing up for a
list-serve to deliver more e-mail may be just what you want.  Here are
several lists that relate to dog handlers.

SARDOGS...The original and most active list in this category with over
800 subscribers.  Anything related to training or working with a K9 in
any SAR environment is a topic for this list.  A great source of
information and contacts.
Subscribe at:

K9SAR...This was a "split-off" from SARDOGS with about 360 subscribers.
The description above would fit this list-serve.
Subscribe at:

K9forensics...The source for discussion and useful information on
training a K9 for human remains detection, often called "cadaver".  It
has 280 subscribers, and is run by some real experts in this field.
Subscribe at:

Tracking-K9...If you plan to focus on tracking/trailing with your K9,
this is the list. It has about 320 subscribers and is not breed specific.
Subscribe at:

UrbanCSS...Though not very active or well-subscribed, it is the only
list focused on working with K9s in the FEMA program.  Some very
experienced FEMA K9 personnel run this list.
Subscribe at:

FREE STUFF: SAR Related Files Placed on Web

Mike Doyle has placed five new valuable PDF documents on the web for the
SAR community.  The new publications cover the topics of SAR vision, a
tracking log, a SAR log, search pocket cards, and a book (50 pages) on
working with SAR dogs.


Divers Defend Role in Tragedy

When a fishing boat capsized off Vancouver British Columbia, Canadian
Coast Guard divers quickly arrived.  However, current Canadian Coast
Guard policy prohibits underwater penetration of confined space due to
safety risks and training.  Such safety policies will often generate a
level of criticism. This article does a good job of presenting both
sides of the debate in response to a tragedy that killed 5 people.


NASAR Service Award Renamed After Lois McCoy

At the recommendation of life member, Bill Wade, the Board of Directors
voted unanimously at their July meeting to rename NASAR's Service Award
after Lois Clark McCoy. Hereafter named the "NASAR Lois Clark McCoy
Service Award", we give tribute and thanks to such an important part of
our past.  For more information:



At the July 2002 NASAR Board of Directors meeting, the Nominating
Committee presented a slate of eight candidates for placement on the
October 2002 ballot. If you are not on the slate, and are interested in
running for one of the three board vacancies, you may do so by petition.
For more information or to see the current nominees visit the NASAR


NASAR Quick Survey

NASAR needs your input in a quick survey. The outcome will help determine
future conference plans. Please select which September 11th-themed song
you prefer?  Alan Jackson's "Where Were You (When the World Stopped
Turning)" or Toby Keith's "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry

Send your votes to media@nasar.org or you may click below.

Vote for Alan:
Vote for Toby: mailto:media@nasar.org?Subject=I_like_Toby

Training Conferences

Biodefense Mobilization Conference
October 22-24, 2002 Philadelphia, PA

SEAKC SAR DOG TEAM SAR 2002 Conference
October 11-13, 2002 Pine Bluff, AR
Contact info:

Web Sites for Pilots and Planners

Wondering what visibility your air resources have at the airport runway?
The FAA updates runway visibility on the web every minute.  This is an
invaluable tracking and planning tool.  If you are in Alaska it is even
better.  Major passes and navigation hazards now have a real-time web
cam showing both the optimal and current weather conditions.

http://rvr.fly.faa.gov runway visibility
http://akweathercams.faa.gov/wxcams/map.php Alaska web cam

Simple Verbal Test May Predict Alzheimer's disease

The article describes a large study that attempted to determine the best
test for predicting Alzheimer's disease.  The study concluded that a
verbal test where the subject is given 20 words and asked to recall as
many as possible 15 minutes later had the best results.  The verbal test
scored even higher than some of the current brain imaging tests which
looks at the hippocampus.  The article also gives a good background on
Alzheimer's and some of the difficulties of developing a simple test.


Blueberries May Help Prevent or Delay Alzheimer's disease

A cup of blueberries a day may keep "senior moments" away, new findings
suggest.  A team of Massachusetts and Florida researchers has shown that
the fruit reduces aging-related damage in rat brains, and can also
prevent mental decline in mice genetically engineered to develop
Alzheimer's-like plaques in their brains. Other similar studies have also
looked at the anti-oxidant powers of raspberries, strawberries, grapes,
and other foods.  Blueberries, however, often top the list.


Postgraduate Training Program in Emergency Management and Public

George Washington University announces a new postgraduate training
program in emergency management and public health for beginning and
mid-career professionals interested in combining emergency services,
disaster relief, and the rapid assessment of public health concerns
and services. For more information:


NASAR Book Sale
Special Price! While Supplies Last!

"Outdoor Emergency Care" by Warren D. Bowman, Jr., M.D. a textbook on
first-aid in non-urban settings covers anatomy and physiology, mechanisms
and patterns of injury, patient assessment, triage, ski injuries, oxygen
administration, emergency care of injuries and illnesses, adapting
emergency care to extended time in the wilderness, and much more.

Third edition 1998, fully illustrated, soft cover, 466 pgs $21.95

Job Opening: Executive Director, Partnership for Public Warning

The Partnership for Public Warning (PPW) seeks an executive
director by mid-October, 2002. The successful candidate will have a
degree in pubic administration, government, business or a field
related to emergency management and substantial experience
working with nonprofit organizations. Excellent written and verbal
skills are required as is experience in sales, marketing or fund-
raising, along with a working knowledge of Congress and
intergovernmental relations. Demonstrated consensus-building skills
and creativity are highly desirable as is experience with emergency
management and hazard warning systems. PPW was founded earlier this
year and is a private, nonprofit membership organization created for
the purpose of fostering consensus on issues associated with providing
warning and information to the public during emergencies. For
information about PPW, see:


Three Killed in Civil Air Patrol Crash in Tennessee

The following press release was sent by the Civil Air Patrol.  Never
forget the risks we all take in SAR, both on missions and during training.

It is with deep regret that I inform you another one of our planes was
involved in a fatal aircraft accident Saturday afternoon, 10 August, in
eastern Tennessee. Three of our members were in a Cessna 182
participating in a mountain flying clinic. There were no survivors.

Our pilots are some of the best-trained in the world, as reflected by
our enviable safety record for the past few years. However, situations
like this remind us that we must never lose sight of the dangers
involved in all of our flying missions. May I encourage each of you to
use this unfortunate opportunity to encourage the members under your
command to refresh their commitment to "safety first" in all of their
mission areas.

As we reflect upon our loss, may I ask each of you to keep the families
and friends of the victims, who will be deeply affected by this accident,
in your thoughts and prayers.

Mary Nell Crowe
Director, Marketing & Public Relations
Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters

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