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*List of Upcoming SAR Conferences and Training Events
*Letter from Mike Tuttle, President of NASAR
*Chief of non-Federal SAR of Canadian NSS Farewell Message
*Who Let the Dogs Out?
*Free Stuff: Sample of TraumaDEX (clotting agent for severe bleeding)
*Missing Alzheimer's Case Turns into Abduction
*Computer-Based Screening Test Spots Early Signs of Alzheimer's disease
*American Academy for Veterinary Disaster Medicine
*Prototype Equine Floatation Device for Large Animal Rescues
*Radio Gear Fell Short in Mount Hood Rescue
*NPR Report on How Federal Funding may Affect SAR in Western States
*Arlington County After-Action Report on the Response to the September
 11 Terrorist Attack on the Pentagon
*Follow-up on Canadian SAR Helicopter Crash
*NASAR K9 SARTECH Coordinator / Evaluator Application
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Sponsored by www.SARCAMP.com SAR professionals serving SAR professionals

Upcoming SAR Conferences and Training Events

Plans for SARSCENE 2002 (September 11-14) in Halifax are now being
finalized. The schedule includes pre-conference events
(www.dbs-sar.com/sarscene.htm), a meet and greet, SAR Games, three
days of SAR presentations, demonstrations on the Halifax Waterfront
(organized by the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre), a trade show (stop
by at the NASAR exhibit), and social events that showcase Maritime
hospitality at its best.


* USAF Inland SAR Planning Course

Date                                                    Register by
21-25 Oct 02 LA - Baton Rouge                   9 Sep 02
18-22 Nov 02 ND - Bismarck                       7 Oct 02
9-13   Dec 02 CA - San Bernardino              28 Oct 02
13-17 Jan 03 WA - Camp Murray                2 Dec 02
3-7     Feb 03 HI - Honolulu                        23 Dec 02
24-28  Feb 03 PA - Harrisburg                    13 Jan 03
17-21  Mar 03 NH - Concord                       3 Feb 03
7-11    Apr 03 ID - Boise                            24 Feb 03
28-02  Apr 03 TN - Knoxville                       17 Mar 03
19-23  May 03 AR - Fayetteville                  7 Apr 03
2-6     Jun 03 VA - USCG Tracen Yorktown  21 Apr 03
4-8     Aug 03 VA - USCG Tracen Yorktown  23 Jun 03

Five day course offered for free.  Excellent training in SAR Management.



The New York State Forest Rangers, Search & Rescue of the Northern
Adirondacks (SARNAK), and Lower Adirondack Search & Rescue (LASAR) will
host a Search and Rescue conference on September 20 - 22, 2002 at
Whiteface Ski Center in Wilmington, NY. (8 miles from Lake Placid, NY)


North Carolina Search and Rescue Advisory Council's Fall Exercise

September  27-9, 2002, at Robeson County Training Grounds
Sponsored By NC SAR Council, Robeson County SAR, Robeson College


International Technical Rescue Symposium 2002

November 1-3, 2002 Denver Marriott West - Golden, Colorado
Specifically addressing your need to stay abreast of the tremendous
changes in the field of technical rescue, we are a sponsor of the
International Technical Rescue Symposium. Meet with your peers to share
news and views on advances in equipment and techniques, technical problems
and issue of mutual concern.


The Indiana L.A.S.T. Conference

(Nov 1-3, 2002) is a week-end training event for search & rescue, K-9's,
public safety and emergency service members, and any other individual
interested in the field of search and rescue. Presented in Lincoln State
Park of Southern Indiana at the Park Conference Center, the conference
site offers the perfect training ground for both classroom and outdoor

Letter from Mike Tuttle, President of NASAR

In a letter to the NASAR member Mike Tuttle covers several important
topics.  Some of these include Board of Director elections, efforts to
keep the membership more informed, thanking the wonderful efforts of
several people and organizations, and the call of papers to SAR2003 in
Reno.  Be sure to read the full letter found on the website.


Chief of non-Federal SAR of Canadian NSS Farewell Letter

The following letter is reprinted with written permission.  While
addressing SAR at the national level (for Canada) John offers excellent
advice for anyone involved in the profession of SAR especially when
working issues that involved different resources or teams.

Dear SAR Friends:

It is with some regret that I announce that I will be retiring from the
Public Service of Canada, and thus from active work in SAR management,
shortly after the SARSCENE conference in mid-September this year.

I have spent most of my 34 year career in some aspect of SAR, and
during that time I have had the privilege of knowing people like you who
make a difference in the lives of families every day.  You all work in
SAR in different ways, and can feel the pride of having contributed to
preventing or alleviating the terrible grief caused by the loss of a
child or father or mother.  I envy your more direct contribution to this
than mine has been.  But I have no regrets.

This SARSCENE will be my last, and I have learned through the
conferences, and through my rather special position of being able to
work with DND, Canadian Coast Guard, police, park wardens, and Ground
SAR Volunteer workers, that you are all worthy of the same high degree
of respect and when this must be recognized by all managers.  Today in
Canada, we need GSAR to have a stronger national identity.  We need
everyone to support Air Force SAR training and equipment needs.  We need
the CCG to be recognized as THE source of marine professionalism, and for
them to share that with GSAR.  What we do not need is for any SAR agency
to resist the progress of any other SAR agency.

The NSS is the only place where you get to see the length and breadth of
every kind of SAR in this country, and what you see from this
vantage point is highly skilled people with a passion for their work.
For the most part you see exemplary integrity, but if you ever see a
waver in this, it is either because there is too much passion and the
strength of a collective SAR brotherhood gets lost, or else it is
because there are managers whose vision is bounded by their office

In my career I have been both too outspoken and not outspoken enough.
That's why I am not a Deputy Minister.  I just got the timings reversed.
However, as I leave the Public Service, I leave happy that I have worked
among a class of people that go beyond the ordinary and have given me a
great sense of having supported a field of endeavour that is vital and
strong.  I am very grateful to you all.

John Chaffey
Chief, Non-Federal Search and Rescue Programs/Chef, Programmes recherche
et sauvetage non-fdraux

"Who Let the Dogs Out?"

In the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks against the United
States, NASAR has received numerous donations. $30,000 was designated by
the various donors for distribution to the dogs and handlers deployed to
the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

NASAR's Board of Directors decided to reimburse teams meeting certain
criteria in an effort to ensure the most effective use of the limited
funding available. To that end, a survey was mailed to teams we could
identify as having participated in the post 9/11 recovery efforts. The
main criterion was, "Who let the dogs out?" NASAR required that teams be
deployed through their state emergency management agency or the FEMA
USAR teams in order to be eligible for expense reimbursement. 42
requests were received by the deadline. The applications were
diligently reviewed and approved by a volunteer committee designated by
the NASAR Canine Section.

For additional information:

Free Stuff: Sample of TraumaDEX (clotting agent for severe bleeding)

One of the more interesting new products recently introduced to
Emergency Medical Services is a powder the helps to control massive
bleeding by speeding up the natural clotting process.  A small sample
can be obtained for free for professional agencies.

http://www.traumaDEX.com then click on free samples.

Missing Alzheimer's Case Turns Into Abduction

The article describes an Alabama couple - the wife has Alzheimer's and
the husband is confined to a wheelchair - reported missing while enroute
to a doctor's appointment.  An investigation tip led the police to
finding the couple who may actually have been abducted.  The story
illustrates treating every missing Alzheimer's case seriously, the
importance of investigation, and the value of informing the public.


Computer-Based Screening Test Spots Early Signs of Alzheimer's disease

The story describes a new test that helps predict cases of mild
cognitive impairment, a possible precursor to Alzheimer's disease.  The
test can be conducted on your computer in about 20 minutes and consists
of reaction time, matching, and memory tests with playing cards.  It is
possible to download the program and play with it (although if you want
to see the results you need to pay a fee).

Story: http://www.health-news.co.uk/showstory.asp?id=93079
Program: http://www.cogstate.com/cogstate/index.html

American Academy for Veterinary Disaster Medicine

Personnel interested in becoming involved in the Veterinary Disaster
Community are welcome to join the American Academy for Veterinary
Disaster Medicine.   A quarterly newsletter (soon to be published
online) with information about animals in disasters from a veterinary
perspective, search and rescue techniques with animals, care of SAR
dogs,  miscellaneous training articles, bioterrorism and response to
foreign  animal disease, and latest trends in training and equipment
can be found there.


Prototype Equine Floatation Device for Large Animal Rescues

One of the most difficult problems for LAR (Large Animal Rescuers) in
past disasters has been rescuing cows, horses, etc. from rising flood
waters - where just swimming them to higher ground and providing food
and clean water is not an option.  Helicopter rescues are spectacular
- but expensive and require extensive training.

Recently Dr. Tomas Gimenez, professor at Clemson University, showed off
his new Equine Floatation Device (EFD)which can also be used for other
large animals by having one of his demonstrator horses, Karma, wear
the EFD into a lake.  Dr. Gimenez gives national LAR training to
emergency responders in association with AHA and HSUS - this is the
latest prototype LAR equipment.  This is an interesting aspect of
technical rescue your standard textbook will not give you, and there are
great pictures on the websites.


NPR Report on How Federal Funding May Affect SAR in Western States

The link brings you to an audio file from a recent NPR broadcast
(July 17) on how a change in the federal Payment in Lieu of Taxes program
may impact some Western State counties search and rescue efforts. The
audio portion plays for 4 minutes and 20 seconds.

Audio link: http://www.npr.org/ramfiles/atc/20020717.atc.15.ram
Radio Gear Fell Short in Mount Hood Rescue

In a follow-up article on the Mount Hood helicopter crash,
communications is examined.  It article states that the pilots were
unable to talk to the rescuers on the ground.  As a result of a mission
debrief, ground resources now have radios that can talk to the military


Arlington County After-Action Report on the Response to the September
11 Terrorist Attack on the Pentagon

Full of pictures and in-depth analysis, this 215 page after action report
documents the learning points of the Pentagon September 11 response by
the Arlington County Fire Department.


Follow-up on Canadian SAR Helicopter Crash

A follow-up article provides further details on the tragic death of the
pilots of a helicopter returning from a SAR mission in Canada.  A large
part of the article recounts the story of one of the corporals who
survived the crash and pulled his team members away from the damaged
helicopter, signaled rescuers, and set-up for survival, all while
seriously injured.

For More info copy the following into your browser:

NASAR K9 SARTECH Coordinator / Evaluator Application

The SAR Dog Section is pleased to announce that we are taking
applications for those who are interested in becoming Coordinators or
Evaluators (Can sponsor, set-up, and run testing) for the K-9 SARTECH


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