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* Backcountry Lightning Safety from NOLS
* School-based Emergency Response and Crisis Management Grants
* IAFC Scholarships Available
* Man Wandering in Wilderness for Three Days with GPS
* Information on the West Nile Virus from Center for Disease Control
* Product Review of Thermo-lite for Treatment of Hypothermia
* New Hospital Privacy Rules May Affect EMS
* Law Bytes: Are You Really Covered Under the New HIPAA Privacy Rule?
* Board of Directors Elections to be Held in July 2003
* New Water Purification Device
* MEDWar looking for teams and volunteers

 Online version at www.SARNEWS.com 6/19/03

Backcountry Lightning Safety From NOLS

The National Outdoor Leadership school (NOLS) has an excellent web site
with an entire page devoted to outdoor research.  It's worth a look and
perhaps even a bookmark.  While not SAR specific, the emphasis on outdoor
safety and wilderness medicine will interest SAR providers.  Currently
you can find papers on lightning safety for cavers, the annual report,
analysis of medical review, and the NOLS Backcountry Lightning Safety
Guidelines. Rather timely for this time of year.


School-based Emergency Response and Crisis Management Grants

The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) is accepting proposals for
local education agencies to improve and strengthen emergency
response and crisis management plans, including training school
personnel, students, and parents in emergency response procedures, and
coordinating with local law enforcement, public safety, health and
mental health agencies. It is estimated that 150 grants will be
awarded for a period of up to 18 months.

Applications are due June 30, 2003. Complete details, including
eligibility and other requirements, are available from Connie Ann
Deshpande or Jennifer Medearis, DOE, 400 Maryland Avenue SW, Room
3E332, Washington, DC 20202; (202) 401-2140; e-mail:
connie.deshpande@ed.gov; jennifer.medearis@ed.gov;


IAFC Scholarships Available

The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) Foundation is
offering scholarships ranging from $350-$4,000 to people who are
participating in college-level courses in the fire sciences or related
areas. Eligibility information, along with program details, and an
application form may be found at:


Man Wandering in Wilderness for Three Days with GPS

El Dorado County, Nevada Sheriff's Department Search and Rescue responded
to three incidents in one day.  In one of the searches the subject failed
to tell anyone where he was going.  The article gives a good flavor of the
types of incidents the team responds to and how even having a GPS does not
help everyone.


Information on the West Nile Virus from Center for Disease Control

West Nile Virus is spread by mosquitoes. Infection with the virus can
cause severe and sometimes fatal illness. There were over 4000 cases of
West Nile disease in the US during 2002, including 284 deaths. It is
likely that all mainland states in the United States will see West Nile
virus activity in 2003.

To help you prepare for mosquito season, read the truth about some common
West Nile virus myths:


Product Review of Thermo-lite for Treatment of Hypothermia

While it is the start of summer, hypothermia is always a problem SAR
teams contend with.  The article reviews an inexpensive aluminum fabric
device intended to help treat hypothermia.  The article talks about adding
heat packs to the system.  Just as a gentle reminder, any heat pack that
generates heat higher that 110F is capable of causing burns to a
hypothermic subject.


New Hospital Privacy Rules May Affect EMS

New regulations governing the release of information about
hospital patients may impact emergency managers who receive
public or media inquiries about the status of disaster victims
taken to medical facilities. Prior to April 2003, spokespersons
primarily focused on verifying next of kin notification before
releasing identification and treatment details. Now, citizens and
news media may only obtain general condition and location updates
if they can provide the patient's name. If patients request the
information be withheld altogether, no details of their care can
be released. It is important to remember, however, that hospitals
or other covered entities may disclose needed information about a
patient's health to a public or private entity authorized to help
in disaster relief efforts.

Learn more about the Health Insurance Portability and
Accountability Act:

Read a summary of the regulations:

Law Bytes: Are You Really Covered Under the New HIPAA Privacy Rule?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)
seems to have a lot of people in the emergency management, EMS, and SAR
world slightly confused. Are you required to follow this act or not?
The article from Merginet provides detailed analysis of how the act might
impact you.


NASAR Looking for Photos and Videos

If you've got video footage of search and rescue missions, we'd LOVE to
have it!

NASAR is currently planning a series of promotional campaigns and
presentations, which will highlight the heroes of search and rescue. If
you've got "real-life" footage that NASAR can use to help increase public
awareness of SAR, please send it to NASAR Headquarters.


Board of Directors Elections to be Held in July 2003

The Nominating Committee, chaired by Kathy Miller, has announced its
slate of candidates for the three seats available on the NASAR Board of
Directors for the three-year term beginning January 2004. Those
interested in running for the Board who are not on the current slate may
do so by petition. If you are not on the slate, and are interested in
running for one of the three board vacancies, you may do so by petition.
To be a petition candidate you must be an individual voting member of
NASAR and obtain signatures of 1% of the voting membership (at least 30
signatures) endorsing your candidacy for the board. For more information
please see:


New Water Purification Device

Miox makes water purification equipment.  Their equipment
electrolyzes a salt brine solution to provide chlorine, in the form
of mixed oxidants, hypochlorous acid and various chlorine-oxygen
combinations that are very effective at disinfection without tasting
bad (that's the simple explanation, see their website for more). It
seems to be very safe and more effective than most simple
iodine/chlorine methods.

This fall, they will be marketing a small "pen" device that will use
a salt tablet and a couple of lithium camera batteries and a bit of
water to provide chlorine for water disinfection. It will be marketed
through Mountain Safety Research (MSR)/Cascade Designs and available
at the usual outdoor outlets. The military will also use the device.


Medwar Looking for Teams, Volunteers, and Judges

MedWar is an interesting adventure race that should appeal to all SAR
teams. The event is being held at Big South Fork National River &
Recreation Area, Oneida, Tennessee on July 26, 2003.  Even if you are not
close to the site, visit the website and find out all about the event.
Where else could you race, practice rescue skills, land navigation,
medical skills, and perform an evacuation.  Ok, maybe on a search, but
you won't win a trophy.  The event organizers are looking for teams to
participate or be volunteers or judges.  Not everyone on the team needs
to be medically trained.


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