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* SARNEWS.com Releases 2002 Year in Review CD
* Bloodhound Handler's Credentials Questioned in Search for Missing Men
* NASAR's Canine Standards Available for Peer Review
* National Safety Council - Public Safety Magazine
* 102 Firefighters Die in 2002
* Latest Version of SARSCENE
* Anatomy Web Site
* Nominations for International Awards Honoring Flood and Swiftwater Rescue
* No Vehicle, No Victim? Look Again!
* Hypothermia Article
* Steve Patchett Wins SARDISK in SARNEWS.com Subscriber Contest
* Report Sheds Little Light on Search that Missed Boy

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SARNEWS.com 2002 Year in Review CD

Many SARNEWS.com subscribers have slow modem connections.  It's the price
we pay for living out in the middle of nowhere.  Since many of the links
provided are to large reports and training classes, the wait to download
them can be unbearable.  dbS Productions is pleased to announce two new
services. You may order the SARNEWS.com 2002 Year in Review CD which
contains every issue and all the downloads published by dbS or in the
public domain during 2001 and 2002. The CD also contains the dbS web site
for offline browsing. The price for the CD is $19.95.  You may also order
an annual subscription to SARNEWS (Don't worry, the e-mail version is still
free) for $29.95 which includes a SARNEWS.Com 2002 Year in Review CD as
well as updated CDs that will be sent to you every three months.


Bloodhound Handler's Credentials Questioned in Search for Missing Men

This lengthy article interviews Penny Bell, a bloodhound handler, Ellen
Ponall, president of the North America Search Dog Network, Jerry Nichols,
president of the Law Enforcement Bloodhound Association, John Zautke, a
battalion chief with the Milwaukee Fire Department, and Julie Cramer,
director of Great Lakes Search and Rescue K-9 Inc.  Penny Bell claimed her
dog could follow a trail two-months old.  The other quoted sources
questioned this ability.  Bell was quoted in the paper as saying,
"Basically, bloodhounds don't need any training -- it is natural
instinct..."  She went on to declare, "I believe bloodhounds should not
be certified. . . . Why should I be teaching my dog something that it does

The article is well written, balanced, and researched.  It is worth reading
to gain a perspective on some of the SAR resources that exist.  Readers are
also encouraged to read the current proposal for NASAR canine standards in
the next article.


NASAR's Canine Standards Available for Peer Review

Dee Wild, NASAR SAR Dog Section Chair, has released the proposed changes to
NASAR's Canine SARTECH III Certification Program as follows:

Land Cadaver Standards:

Water Cadaver Standards:

NASAR invites you to review and comment on the proposed standards no later
than February 15, 2003. Comments on the land cadaver standards should be
sent to edward_wolff@sheriff.org, and comments on the water cadaver
standards to srt1501@starband.net.  If the links listed above do not work
you can go direct to the NASAR page listed below:


National Safety Council - Public Safety Magazine

The National Safety Council publishes "Every Second Counts" every two
months for first responders, EMTs, paramedics, first aid instructors, and
fire and police rescuers.  A visit to the web site, filling out an on-line
form, and hitting "Submit" and the subscription is free to qualified
readers.  This month's issue addresses fatalities and accidents among EMS


102 Firefighters Died in 2002

The United States Fire Administration (USFA) announced today that 102
firefighters died while on-duty in the United States in 2002. The loss of a
firefighter's life was felt directly in more than 86 communities in 35
states across the nation.

The article gives a complete listing of the causes of death, including a
large number due to heart attacks and vehicle accidents.  These major
causes of death are similar to EMS fatalities.  However, as the Safety
Council article points out, the number of EMS deaths is unknown because of a lack
of central reporting.  The number of SAR related deaths is also unknown each


Latest Version of SARSCENE

SARSCENE, the Canadian search and rescue magazine is now available on the
web as a PDF file.  Sixteen pages of SAR, some of the topics in the issue
include Arctic disaster simulation, the groundbreaking adoption of national
GSAR criteria, casualty simulation, a review of SARSCENE 2002, facts of
Personal Locator Beacons, and maritime SAR articles.


Anatomy Web Site

This web site allows several different views of human anatomy.  It is
educational, fun, and has a clever layout.


Nominations for International Awards Honoring Flood and Swiftwater Rescue

The Swiftwater Rescue Committee of the National Association for Search and
Rescue is seeking nominations for the 2002 Higgins and Langley Memorial
Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Swiftwater Rescue.

The awards recognize outstanding achievement in the field of
swiftwater-flood rescue.  In addition to individual incidents and acts of
heroism, swiftwater-flood rescue team efforts, those who have dedicated
years of service to developing and implementing swiftwater-flood rescue
training programs, and public safety-media-education efforts, will be
considered for nomination.

The 2002 awards will be presented during the annual conference of the
National Association for Search and Rescue, May 28-31, 2003, in Reno,


For more information, please contact:

Mr. Paul McMinn
National Association for Search and Rescue
Swiftwater Rescue Committee
c/o South Bend Recreation Dept.
321 E. Walter St.
South Bend, IN 46614

TEL: 219/299-4765

Download nomination forms:

No Vehicle, No Victim? Look Again!

Just about everyone in EMS, fire, and law enforcement has received a call
about a car accident, but after driving up and down the road several times,
reports "nothing found" and heads home.  The article points out the need to
look just a little harder sometimes, perhaps coupled with good history
collection and investigation.


Hypothermia Article

The current issue of Merginet also has an article on hypothermia.  It
provides a good, solid review of hypothermia and field treatment.  The
article also appears in NAEMT News.


Steve Patchett Wins SARDISK in SARNEWS.com Subscriber Contest

Remember that little line when you subscribed to SARNEWS.Com that said that
one lucky subscriber would win a SARDISK?  Been holding your breath ever
since?  Exhale, because Steve Patchett was randomly selected to be the
winner.  Steve is a 20-year member of the Albuquerque Mountain Rescue
Council and one of its former presidents.  We are pleased to see the
SARDISK go to such a distinguished and dedicated subscriber!


Report Sheds Little Light on Search that Missed Boy

Currently on the SAR-L e-mail group, healthy debate is occurring on
the topic of management training directed at short searches or long
searches.  In future issues of SARNEWS.com, we will attempt to summarize
some of the articles. (It takes time to get permission from all the
authors). However, the linked article clearly points that negative press
often results from longer more complex searches.


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