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Training Publications

Lost Alzheimer's Disease Search Management: A law enforcement guide to managing the initial response and investigation of the missing Alzheimer's disease subject.  This instructor's kit is ideal for an experienced shift supervisors responsible for directing the initial search for a missing Alzheimer's disease subject.  Perfect for meeting continuing education requirements. Topics include scope of the wandering problem, search management crucials, characteristics of Alzheimer's subjects, initial report collection, initial search strategy, reflex tasking of resources, and extensive reference material.   The instructor's manual also contains lesson outlines, slide masters, case studies, and map problems.  PowerPoint presentation slide disk include

ISBN: 1-879471-34-5 1999 dbS Productions 160pp  $100  


Incident Commander for Ground Search and Rescue by Robert J. Koester. A textbook for Incident commanders, command staff, operations section chief, planning section chief, and base positions. This is the only book that clearly answers the question; what am I suppose to do now? Incident Commanders will find the secret of success and common problems to avoid. Great attention is paid to process management and control. Includes the special topics of adaptation of the Incident Command System for SAR, managing information systems and protocols, ground operations for aircraft, National Track Analysis Program interpretation, specialized resource utilization and planning factors, high level legal implications, fatigue, extensive appendices, and more. For anyone who has ever taken a MSO/MSF/MLPI course, this is the next step. Material and resources for 17 practical exercises provided.

ISBN: 1-879471-21-3 1999 dbS Productions 290pp $60

Fatigue: Sleep Management During Disasters and Sustained Operations - Instructor's Manual.  Long drives, mobilization in the middle of the night, too much work, not enough trained staff, high urgency, and shift work are all challenges that produce a fatigued worker.  This book allows the instructor to educate the student in sleep physiology, required sleep, the use of naps, fatigue-related accidents, and accident prevention.  Every shift worker and emergency services provider must know this material.  PowerPoint slides included.

ISBN: 1-879471-18-3 1998 dbS Productions 180 pp $110

Outdoor First-Aid.  A wilderness first-aid training course designed for trip leaders and search and rescue providers.  Special emphasis on prevention and early recognition of disorders common in the outdoors.  Topics include first-aid kits, dehydration, heat and cold disorders, bites and stings, injuries, and general medicine.  Course is full of practical time and outdoor scenarios. 

ISBN: 1-879471-23-X 1998 dbS Productions 260pp $60

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