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River Rescue 4th Ed.
ISBN-13 978-0-9649585-6-2
ISBN-10 0-9649585-6-2
Softcover 6x9 inch perfect bound, inside B&W
292 pages, 106 illustrations, 144 photographs
Appendix / Bibliography / Index. $25.00


The original is still the greatest! The fourth edition of River Rescue is now available, and it's bigger and better than ever—292 fact-filled pages, 106 illustrations, and 144 photographs.

  • new photos and first-hand accounts of rescues
  • expanded material on big-water rescue—new gear and methods
  • self-rescue and rescue of others—by hand, boat, rope, and other ways
  • tools and techniques—rope work, throw bags, boat handling, high- and low-tech gear to use when seconds count
  • rescue organization—leadership, teamwork, patient care, evacuation, and more

"The authoritative reference for canoe, kayak, and raft—from beginner self-rescue to big river teamwork."




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