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Man-Trackers and Dog Handlers in Search & Rescue

Paperback, 5.3 x 8.25 inches, 98 pages, illustrations, index, references, Glossary
ISBN: 1-879471-31-0
Publication date: 2000

Price: $10

  This book explores the unique combination of SAR dog teams and man-trackers, perhaps the most effective tool management has for rapid finds. The book, introduces each resource and discusses their capabilities and limitations.

Readers will benefit by having a better understanding of:

  • Search managements perspective
  • Tracking resources and tactics
  • Search dog resources and tactics
  • Tracker-Handler guidelines
  • Tracking misconceptions
  • Dog-handling misconceptions
  • Expected tracking skills
  • Expected handling skills
  • Trackers and Handlers concerns about each other
  • Training steps to better understand and practice working together.

The purpose of this book is simple: To better allow trackers and handlers to work together.


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"The text is informative but not so dry as to preclude a chuckle or two. It is also amazingly neutral..." -- Track & Sign Newsletter, Apr 2000

"This is the first major effort to promote the effective utilization of two distinct and very specialized SAR resources as a team. In my opinion, the combination of the tracker and canine team has the greatest potential for the quickest and most efficient resolution of a search. This is a giant step forward and long overdue. -- Jim Shaffer, Instructor, National Police Bloodhound Association.

"Having worked in this arena, the tactics detailed and depicted in this book work. The book is full of useful, practical information for both sides of the fence. Excellent, to the point, time proven, non bogus information." --Kevin Brewer, Director, SAR Tracking Institute.

Just finished Greg Fuller's(et al) book on the (above) subject and I must say that this was an outstanding job accomplished. Long time needed.

We have often worked track trained searchers with dog handlers and have had good luck when they click together as a "team". This book helps work your man-trackers and dog handlers toward a search team concept that tends to be missing in todays SAR Unit.

Check it out ... I believe that Greg has lit on something that the ground SAR world needs to take a look at...

Keep your SAR Team, beating the brush and being active "team" members. Help them stay focused on the "team" concept without dividing into "my resource is better than your resource" camps. Allowing us to expose our SAR members to skills and tools that tickle their desire ... to be all that they can be, while avoiding building "empires" of these specialized SAR interests.

This book is written to maintaining your SAR "TEAM" to the benefit of the lost subject.

Reads easy and doesn't rub any raw spots (if you know what I mean ;)

This book will assist you, as a SAR member (or SAR Coordinator), from becoming too singularly focused on one SAR resource and this should be to the end advantage of more successful reunions of the lost person and their families. -- Del Morris




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