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* Holiday Greetings
* Is Your Country Listed?
* Are You a SAR Junkie? List Grows
* NASAR Election Results Announced
* OSHA Information
* DisasterHelp.Gov
* US Coast Guard Addendum to National SAR Supplement
* Missing 82 Year-Old Man with Alzheimer's Survives Night in North Wales
* Aromatherapy May Be More Useful than Sedatives in Treating Dementia
* Call for Articles for the IAEM Bulletin
* Open GIS Consortium
* $500,000 Five-Year Study to Follow Up on Health of 9/11 Rescue Dogs

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Holiday Greetings

The pager is still on, the phone may ring, then we go.  We give ourselves,
our time, our sweat, and use our training and compassion to search, to find,
and to return others for future holidays.  For all of you out there, thank
you and seasons' greetings.  Keep giving that special gift so that others
may live.

Robert J. Koester
Editor - SARNEWS.com

Is Your Country Listed?

SARNEWS.com currently has subscribers from all around the world. Because the
country code is part of some members' e-mail addresses, we know the
newsletter goes out to the following 36 countries: Argentina, Austria,
Australia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Botswana, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Spain,
Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, India, Iran, Iceland,
Italy, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, New
Zealand, Russia, Sweden, Singapore, Turkey, Trinidad and Tobago, Taiwan,
United Kingdom, United States, and Venezuela.  If you don't see your country
listed, we would love to hear from you.  Simply click on the link to add your
country to the list.


Are You a SAR Junkie? List Grows

We wish to thank all of our readers who have added to the SAR Junkie list.
It is clear that SAR providers are both dedicated (perhaps a bit too
dedicated!) and creative.  Over 40 new entries have been added to the list.
Have you added yours yet?


NASAR Election Results Announced

NASAR President, Michael Tuttle, announced today the winners in this year's
Board of Directors election. A slate of eight well-qualified
candidates competed for three board vacancies. Those elected are:

Kathy Johnston-Miller (elected to first term)
David Meek (elected to first term)
Norm Rooker (re-elected for second term)

These individuals will be seated at the Board's January 25, 2003 meeting in
Fairfax, Virginia, and will serve for a period of three years. "I extend my
congratulations to all eight candidates," said Tuttle. "The race was a tight
one; one of the best we've had in years. Each one would have made a great
addition to the 2003 Board of Directors."


OSHA Information

The following site is an excellent clearinghouse of information related to
risk management concerns of local governments, community nonprofit
organizations, and small businesses. You can find OSHA information under
the Safety and Health Protection tab.


DisasterHelp.Gov Website

The DisasterHelp.Gov website is an initial deployment that will become part
of a larger initiative aimed at greatly enhanced disaster management on an
interagency and intergovernmental basis.  The major objective of the initial
deployment is to demonstrate the basic functions and to field-test the
presentation.  The site is oriented toward helping users find information
and services across a wide range of relevant disaster management offerings,
as distinct from a specific suite of integrated services.

The DisasterHelp.Gov website is intended to reach five overlapping
audiences: (1) local / state / tribal governments, (2) individual citizens,
(3) private sector businesses, (4) non-governmental organizations, and (5)
federal agencies.  The primary focus at present is the intergovernmental
audience, which is considered to include political and civil service
leadership, emergency managers, homeland security advisors, and first
responders (including fire and law enforcement, emergency medical services,


US Coast Guard Addendum to National SAR Supplement

This new, completely reorganized and restructured addendum (CGADD) includes
procedures and information that may be useful to rescue agencies outside of
the Coast Guard.   Although the CGADD is a Coast Guard policy publication,
commands may share the information with other rescue organizations.


Missing 82 Year-Old Man with Alzheimer's Survives Night in North Wales

An 82-year-old man with Alzheimer's was found alive yesterday half a mile
from home after spending a bitter night in the open.  This article from
Wales shows the striking similarities between subjects in North America and


Aromatherapy May Be More Useful Than Sedatives in Treating Dementia

Agitation, aggression and sleep disturbances are commonly associated with
dementia, and heavy-duty sedatives often used to curb these symptoms do so
simply by reducing the patient to the state of a zombie. But new research
suggests that there are effective and gentler alternatives.


Call for Articles for the IAEM Bulletin

The International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) is looking
for feature articles (no more than 750 words) for an upcoming IAEM
Bulletin Special Focus Issue on the subject "All-Hazard Warnings."
Possible topics could include public partnership warnings, homeland
security advisory system, Amber Alert, emergency alert system,
emergency dial-up warning system, or other topics related to emergency

If you wish your article to be considered for this special focus issue,
e-mail it by January 10, 2003 to:

Karen Thompson at thompson@iaem.com

Open GIS Consortium

The Open GIS Consortium, Inc. (OGC) announced today that it is offering new
classes of associate membership for local, state and provincial governments.
Government Agency State/Province and Government Agency Local/Other Associate
Members are granted non-voting membership in OGC's Technical Committee and
have access to all written and electronic Technical Committee communication.
Membership benefits include the ability to participate in Technical
Committee working groups and subcommittees as well as in OGC
Interoperability Initiatives.


$500,000 Five-Year Study to Follow Up on Health of 9/11 Rescue Dogs

A $500,000 privately funded five-year study by the University of
Pennsylvania is providing medical workups for 131 dogs that searched the
World Trade Center rubble, the Pentagon, and the Staten Island landfill.
A dozen rescue dogs also will get free annual, state-of-the-art $1,200 MRIs
of their nasal passages to check for early signs of cancer. In addition,
Veterinary Pet Insurance of California has donated lifetime medical policies
to every rescue dog in the study, and FedEx is transporting hundreds of lab
specimens around the country at no cost.  The article also points out that
the human rescuers have received less medical care and follow-up.



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