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* Subscribe for Free to GPS World

* First Responder Initiative

* FEMA Launches NIMS Website

* NIMS Resource Typing for SAR Resources

* FEMA Unveils New ICS Course

* MRA Honor Guard Posts Comprehensive List of SAR Fatalities

* International Commission for Alpine Rescue

* Health Status of World Trade Center Rescue and Recovery Workers

* E-GADS! Computer Software Released

* I-Man Computer Software Updated and Available

* International SAR Advisory Group

* Resources for Safety Officers

* Call for Workshops, NASAR Response 2005





 Online version at www.SARNEWS.com 11/28/2004



Subscribe for Free to GPS World


Interested in knowing current developments in GPS technology?  Then you can

subscribe to a monthly magazine dedicated to cutting edge developments in

GPS. It can be a bit technical at times, but a free subscription should

attract many in SAR.  This month’s articles include tracking hazardous

materials, stolen asset recovery, affects of the ionosphere, and using GPS

to fly remote mini-airplanes with sensors.  Many of the articles can also be

viewed online.





Call for Nominations - NASAR SAR Awards


Each year at the NASAR conference, NASAR has paid tribute to some of the world's

finest search and rescue professionals. That tradition will continue at SAR



The NASAR Board of Directors is now accepting applications and nominations

for the awards.


Eligible recipients for the NASAR Awards Program include SAR teams,

government organizations, individuals, and youth. Awards are given for volunteer

service, valor, and professional/technical contributions to the field, among others.





First Responder Initiative


This year the USDA has established a First Responder Initiative, which will

prioritize the funding of at least $100 million to specifically strengthen

the ability of rural communities to respond to local emergencies.


Visit www.rurdev.usda.gov/rd/newsroom/2004/firstresponders2004list.html to

see a list of loans and grants already obligated to first responders.


How to Apply:

All applications are filed with the USDA Rural Development field offices. To

find the nearest USDA Rural Development field office, please visit:


www.rurdev.usda.gov/recd_map.html or contact the Rural Housing Service

National Office at 202-720-4323.



FEMA launches NIMS Website


FEMA has created a centralized web portal to serve as a resource

for emergency managers and first responders on the National

Incident Management System (NIMS). The website offers emergency

managers a complete listing of NIMS requirements, tools and resources,

and general information on the new incident management and maintenance tool. The assessment process, compliance criteria, NIMS-related training, and

implementation timelines are some of the issues that will be

addressed by the website.






NIMS Resource Typing for SAR Resources


Resource typing definitions provide emergency managers with the information

they need to request and receive the resources they require during an emergency

or disaster. Typed definitions for 120 response resources have been

completed. Like the Glossary, the Resource Typing Definitions will be

continuously updated, revised, and expanded.


Scroll to the bottom of the page and you can see the resource typing for SAR

resources which includes; Air Search Team (Fixed-Wing), Airborne

Reconnaissance (Fixed-Wing), Canine SAR team (Avalanche, Disaster, Cadaver,

Water, Wilderness Air, Wilderness Tracking/Trailing), Cave, Collapse, Mine and Tunnel,

Mountain SAR, Radio DF, Swift water, USAR Incident Support, USAR task force, and

Wilderness SAR teams.  It remains to be determined who will be responsible for the actual typing of resources.


For additional information contact Jonathan Jenkins at







FEMA Unveils New ICS Course


FEMA’s new online independent study course, Basic Incident Command System

for Federal Disaster Workers, IS-200, is designed to identify incident

command system (ICS) features and principles, describing in more detail

elements such as establishment and transfer of command, management by

objectives, unified command, ICS management functions, organizational

flexibility, unity and chain of command, span of control, incident action

plans, resource management, common terminology and clear text, integrated

communications, and personnel accountability. A disaster scenario threads

throughout the course to describe the common responsibilities associated

with incident assignments from a federal disaster response workforce

perspective. IS-200 is tailored specifically for federal disaster workers

and is not meant to replace Basic Incident Command System, IS-195.

Introduction to the Incident Command System for Federal Disaster Workers,

IS-100, is a prerequisite to IS-200.





MRA Honor Guard Posts Comprehensive List of SAR Fatalities


The MRA Honor Guard continues to update and expand its website.  A slide

show is now available online that briefly explains each SAR line of duty deaths.

The page also includes information on requesting the team and how to add information

 to the web site.





International Commission For Alpine Rescue


Interested in a wide range of medical and rescue papers, many from an

international perspective?  Then a visit to the International Commission for

Alpine Rescue may offer a treasure trove of articles.  Major topics include

terrestrial rescue, air rescue, avalanche rescue, and alpine medicine.





Health Status of World Trade Center Rescue and Recovery Workers


The findings in this report indicate that a substantial proportion of

program participants had new-onset and persistent upper and lower airway

symptoms, musculoskeletal symptoms, and gastrointestinal symptoms. In

addition, a substantial proportion of participants had respiratory

abnormalities on spirometry. This preliminary analysis is consistent with

earlier reports from WTC screening programs conducted by FDNY (4,5), which

documented a substantial proportion of respiratory symptoms in emergency

response workers.


During July 16, 2002--August 6, 2004, the program evaluated 11,768 workers

and volunteers. This report summarizes data analyzed from a subset of 1,138

of the 11,768 participants evaluated at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine

during July 16--December 31, 2002. On the basis of one or more standardized

screening questionnaires, approximately half (51%) of participants met

threshold criteria for a clinical mental health evaluation.






E-GADS! Computer Software Released


E-GADS! (Electronic Ground Search and Rescue Administrative Database

System) version 2.2.5 has been released. A number of bugs related to the

map display have been fixed and minor functionality enhancements have

been added. A companion map data set for the United States has been

released as a separate package.


E-GADS! is an open source (free) php/MySQL based administrative database

system designed to assist volunteer ground search and rescue teams in

managing membership, training and search report information.





IMan Software Available


IMan - (Incident Management tool) has been developed in response to the

rapid changes occurring in Search and Rescue (SAR) in New Zealand during the

last few years.  IMan is intended first and foremost as a tool to manage

this information. Each and every piece of information should be logged into

the system. The process of recording this information needs to be

consistent, simple and seamless. If the process of recording and managing

information at Search Base is perceived by the search teams as being tedious

then the teams will raise their filter levels for the clue-related

information they supply.


IMan allows search managers to manage the information efficiently, to focus

on the relevance of the information and the analysis of its significance

rather than the means of recording it.





International SAR Advisory Group


INSARAG is an inter-governmental network under the United Nations umbrella,

which deals with urban search and rescue (USAR) and related disaster

response issues. Its purpose is to provide a platform for information

exchange, to define standards for international USAR assistance and to

develop methodology for international cooperation and coordination in

earthquake response. INSARAG includes earthquake-prone countries as well as

traditional providers of international assistance. The webpage provides

information on membership, a directory of resources, typing teams, etc.





Resources for Safety Officers


Looking for free publications aimed at safety officers? The Texas Worker's

Compensation Commission has a large number of publications and brochures

aimed at important safety issues.  Fact sheets to entire training programs

are available for download.





Oakland 2005 NASAR Conference


Interested in sharing your search and rescue expertise with an international audience?  NASAR is now accepting proposals for workshops to be conducted at the SAR 2005 event.  To download the guidelines click below:





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