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Here is Your dbs-SAR.com Newsletter February 12, 2001 E-mail Bulletin



* Welcome to dbS's SAR Newsletter

* Syrotuck Symposium Announcement

* Alzheimer's wandering mitigation: Physical Wandering Precautions

* Killer Cold - A story of acute hypothermia

* The Application of search Theory to Land Search: Adjustment of Probability of Area (POA)

* On-line SAR / ICS Forms



Welcome to dbS's SAR Newsletter

Welcome to the first e-mail SAR newsletter distributed by dbS productions. We hope you find the information useful. The newsletter will be sent on a regular basis, but no more than once every two weeks. It will feature the latest SAR news, research, events, products, articles, and links. This first newsletter is being sent to the ASRC and VASARCO list servers. If you wish to continue receiving the newsletter you must regisister for free at www.dbs-sar.com This is the only time it will be sent to the list servers. You may opt out of the newsletter at anytime. Your name and e-mail address will not be rented or sold at any time. We hope you enjoy this inaugural issue. If you have any ideas, articles, event announcement's, SAR news, or just great stories, please contact us mailto:info@dbs-sar.com


Syrotuck Symposium On Search Theory and Practice Announcement

You are cordially invited to participate in the sixth William G. Syrotuck Symposium on Search Theory and Practice on September 11, 2001 in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. The Symposium is being hosted by Canada's National Search and Rescue Secretariat (NSS) in conjunction with their national SAR conference, SARSCENE 2001. It is co-sponsored by the Washington State Search and Rescue Office, the NSS, ERI International, the NASAR Board of Directors, and the Centre for Search Research (UK). This Symposium will focus exclusively on Search in the Urban Environment. Whether for Alzheimer's patients, missing children, crime victims, or evidence, searches in the urban environment are increasing in proportion to traditional wilderness operations in many areas throughout North America. We have had individual presentations on this topic in the past. However, because of the growing interest in such searches, we will focus on it exclusively for this Symposium. Presentations on lost person behavior, search strategy and tactics, application of special resources, and other subjects related to urban search are welcomed and encouraged. For those of you new to the Symposium, welcome. The Symposium began in 1996 to: "Foster the intellectual and scientific development of SAR methods and techniques, to promote new ideas, and to encourage development of new techniques and the practical use of technology." Please feel free to pass this message on to anyone you believe may also be interested. For more information contact Chris Long 


Alzheimer's Proofing Your Home: Part 2: Alarms - Precautions for Wandering


This is the second in series of three articles on home modifications to help caregivers manage loved ones who are prone to wandering. Wandering occurs for many reasons and imposes many dangers for people with Alzheimer's disease, who may stray out of the house or fall as a result of merely trying to get out of bed.




Killer Cold

by Syd Canan

When it comes to victims of hypothermia, the old adage, "they aren't dead 'til

they're warm and dead, unless they are dead" rang particularly true in an amazing hypothermia case reported in the medical journal Lancet (January 29, 2000). The patient reached a core temperature of 68F and lived to tell the tale.



The Application of search Theory to Land Search: Adjustment of Probability of Area (POA) by Don Cooper (October/November 2000) in Advanced Rescue Technology

This article



This week's Links: On-line SAR /ICS Forms

For those of you who cannot get enough forms in your life (yep while you are out searching for every tree you see, you start calculating how many forms could be made). Here are links to several sites that offer SAR specific forms. All the links may be found at www.dbs-sar.com/links.htm


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